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  1. mybabyaidan

    S06.E06: True or False

    I don't think I can continue with this show. Everyone is just so damn unlikeable now. I want to punch Adam, and Upton. Ugh., I haven't warmed up to her and she just keeps getting worse for me. The only ones I can stand are Atwater and Burgess. I feel like this is a theme for all the Chicago shows though. Almost everyone on Med I can't deal with anymore either. They are all judgemental unprofessional aholes. Let me know when Kevin gets a lead story and I'll tune in. Otherwise, I am out.
  2. mybabyaidan

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Yeah, I think Sam did have a reason to be angry, it's just infuriating as a Sam fan that Alexis is constantly the only one she ever raises her voice to when she is zen to everyone else. I do think it's realistic unfortunately for kids to take shit out on their moms, but when the writing is so slanted it gets annoying. There are a few people in town that deserved to be reamed out by her on many occasions, and it never happened. I am just frustrated.
  3. mybabyaidan

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Sam is absolutely in the wrong with that kiss. I don't fault her for the actual kiss, she is in a really "messy" (or it should be messy, but this is GH so it's just kind of disheveled) situation. I fault her for LYING about it to Drew after. And I say this as a Sam fan, but she fucked up and it's her own fault if it comes back to bite her. Also, fuck you show for continuously only letting Sam yell at Alexis. One of the ONLY people really in HER corner. It's not cute. Especially after she JUST sat there like a log when she should have tore Carly's stupid smug face off for her NYE stunt.
  4. mybabyaidan

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    What a thankless job for the person that had to put together that list. LOL As an OG JaSam fan, I am still stunned at how little I feel for any of their scenes now. It's crazy. I definitely stanned for them for years. Now I just want them away from each other
  5. mybabyaidan

    S04.E07: Warren's Wedding

    Ahh, thanks. She was my fav. Bummed.
  6. mybabyaidan

    S04.E07: Warren's Wedding

    I missed some episodes, what happened to Addie? Is she off the show?
  7. mybabyaidan

    The Brave

    Ok, they just seemed like they were standing around outside not really doing anything for a while, even before Amir approached them. LOL.
  8. mybabyaidan

    The Brave

    Did I miss an explanation as to why the Nigerian forces were just standing around outside almost the entire episode? I am trying really hard to like Jaz, but I just don't. I am not sure why.
  9. mybabyaidan

    S03.E05: Freedom & Whisky

    It's been a while since I read the books, but didn't Brianna basically "blackmail" Claire into going back? Maybe not that severe, but I remember her telling Claire she would go if she didn't...or am I remembering that wrong?
  10. mybabyaidan

    S04.E10: Die All, Die Merrily

    Everyone has also forgotten about poor Kaine. He's also stuck outside with Octavia. Unless I missed something and he knew? I missed the first 10 minutes. Wonder if Abby knew about that part.
  11. mybabyaidan

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Wow. I did not remember posting that about JE yesterday. LOL, sorry for all the f bombs. I know it's not PG here, but that was over the top even for me. I am home with pneumonia. That Hycotuss really hits you. However, my point does stand. This is a shitty exit for a soap legend. I am sure Jane danced her way out of this shit show.
  12. mybabyaidan

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I haven't watched a full show in weeks. But what the fuck. THIS is how they are writing out Jane fucking Elliot? Seriously? I guess I shouldn't be surprised since this show treats its vets like shit, but my god. They had plenty of time to write a decent story, and they went with this Samira chick?
  13. mybabyaidan

    S06.E13: The End

    He couldn't kill Nick. Nick had to willingly give him the stick. I am glad I am not the only one that yelled when Nick started destroying the Spice Shop. I mean....come on man that's your friends business. Not cool. I was also confused about the reset. Because Adiland didn't have the ring on her finger at the end, indicating that Nick did take it off. So.....still confused.
  14. mybabyaidan

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    She did, but only got his shoulder. She claimed it was an accident, but come on. She was still pissed about him threatening to kill her.
  15. mybabyaidan

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    You don't have to be sorry! LOL, it's your opinion no need to apologize for it. And to be clear, I am not putting it all on Liz. BOTH women have done bad shit to each other. I don't want them pulling each other's hair out every time they see each other, but this bff shit just rings false.