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  1. Spartan Girl

    S04.E15: I Need to Find My Frenemy

    I loved the reprise of "The Math of Love"! But yeah, this love quandriangle is getting old. Not sure how the proposal to go on a date with each guy will work out.
  2. Spartan Girl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I read the WaPo article, and it still amounted to the same thing. ABC and all her publicists tried to tell Roseanne over and over to tone it down with the tweets or at least stop trolling people. She didn't listen and acted like she was a martyr for her so-called beliefs, and the VJ tweet was the last straw. And she hasn't learned one damn thing since, and STILL has a bunch of people enabling her.
  3. Spartan Girl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Those poor kids of hers.... Changing to subject to a celebrity WORTH discussing, Emilia Clark surviving two brain aneurysms...WOW. I bend the knee to you, Khaleesi.
  4. Spartan Girl

    S06.E11: The Therapist

    I fully expected Jake to be the one that ordered the book. Should've known Terry was protesting too much, LOL. Scully and Hitchcock continue to be disgusting.
  5. Spartan Girl

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    I liked the response McCain's adopted daughter gave to Trump on Twitter. He did not *give* McCain the funeral, gimme a fucking break. All he did was play golf and refuse to hang the flag half-mast right away because the McCains didn't want him anywhere near the funeral. Say what you want about Meghan but her crack about Trump ignoring his own family was spot on. Trump spent more time tweeting about McCain than he did about his son Baron's birthday. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance of turning out decent.
  6. Spartan Girl

    Law & Order

    Should've charged his ass with accessory to murder.
  7. Spartan Girl

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)

    "It wasn't just a puppy." You're damn skippy it wasn't! Seriously, the pit bull and Halle's dogs better be okay.
  8. Spartan Girl

    Disney Films

    I LOVE Fairest of Them All! It was a great backstory with the evil queen, and gave Snow some development too! Yes, I agree Jessica Chastain would crush it. The other Serena Valentino villain novels aren't as good, but her Maleficent was at least better than the Angelina movie.
  9. Spartan Girl

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

  10. Spartan Girl

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    And Kellyanne defends him instead of her own husband. I ought to be shocked, but sadly I'm not. George, it's called a divorce. Get one, take the kids, and RUN.
  11. Spartan Girl

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Remember when we were all scared that Jack and Rebecca split up? Now they were the only awesome couple in this episode.
  12. Spartan Girl

    TV Tropes You Hate

    How about the "running to your ex for a hookup after a breakup" trope? It's just so demeaning, especially when the ex clearly uses the situation to their advantage (looking at you, Christopher from Gilmore Girls). Like, seriously? You really want this person who is clearly on the rebound and therefore might be using you just to make themselves feel better? You're so desperate that you'll jump on any opportunity to hook up with them, even if they might regret it later?!
  13. Spartan Girl

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    I'm emotional and this movie isn't even out yet! Boy, Bo has changed a lot. I mean, she was always the logical yet still somewhat spunky voice of reason in the first two movies, and that's still there, but wow. Woody's "Bo?" broke my heart in half. Is it wrong that I'm hoping the end has her join Bonnie and the gang? Woody should be happy too, dammit!
  14. Spartan Girl

    American Dad

    Trapped in an 80s spinoff! I loved it! I have to admit I thought it was going to be yet another scam of Roger's and I was surprised it wasn't. And I loved how they replaced Steve with typical 80s filler characters.
  15. Spartan Girl

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    I'll take "Chris is a dumbass" for 200, Alex. Seriously, though, everything we saw about him in the show stacked up to him being an impulsive, oblivious idiot. And maybe that's why he later reflected that what he felt for Kim three years ago wasn't so much true love as it was compassion mixed with lust. Hence, why he moved on so quickly. Yup. But to give credit where credit is due, he was the only one that called out Chris and Ellen for their stupid decision to just pay to support Kim and Tam in Bangkok and pretend it was for the best interest for the child when it was really just about keeping Kim and Tam away so they can move on with their lives. "Tam can go to American schools in Bangkok" my ass. I know critics write Kim's suicide off as unnecessary and melodramatic, but I don't blame her for it. She was already emotionally damaged, suffering from guilt for killing her cousin (even though it was 100 percent justified), and I think she was ready to join her family a long time ago. The only thing that kept her going was Tam and reuniting with Chris. Even if Chris and Ellen had willingly taken Tam to American as she begged, she might have still done it -- what else would she have done, get pimped out by the Engineer for rest of her life?