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  1. I have no idea how easy it is, but I know that you can't get one at a community college. So why is Kate going to one?
  2. J-Man

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    Churches have to be very careful about getting into political issues lest they lose their tax-exempt status.
  3. J-Man

    The Kitchen

    My DVR/cable guide shows next Saturday's episode as TWO HOURS. Is that a mistake or are they expanding the show?
  4. J-Man

    S05.E10: You've Got a Girlfriend

    Gopher! It's been a LONG time since "The Love Boat." So Jessica mispronounced "jatte" as "jatté" and Evan didn't correct her? I'm shocked.
  5. I noticed that in describing the Baumkuchen, Paul said "broiling" instead of "grilling." I wonder how many takes were required to get that nailed down.
  6. J-Man

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    This is just an assumption on my part, but
  7. J-Man

    S04.E01: Cake and Pastry Week

    Isn't this topic just for the first two episodes?
  8. J-Man

    S04.E01: Cake and Pastry Week

    When did they mention rugelach?
  9. J-Man

    S08.E02: Biscuit Week

    I think it was Sophie who kept referring to "Lemoncino" with respect to her signature sandwiches. What she was describing, and what was on her counter, looked like Limoncello. And Paul used that term (Limoncello) as well. Are these interchangeable terms for the same liqueur?
  10. J-Man

    Making It

    Who is John?
  11. J-Man

    GBBO In The Media

    This is great news, but are we EVER going to get Seasons/Series 1 and 2?
  12. J-Man

    S03.E10: The Final

    As mentioned above, it's more common in the South. I've never understood the practicality of self-rising (or as the British say, self-RAISING) flour. Unless you bake really frequently, the baking powder that's included will lose of some of its potency, thus making it impossible to predict how the final product will turn out. It seems like it makes more sense to just add your leavening ingredients to regular flour on an "as needed" basis. I'm assuming by "previous seasons" you mean the seasons that FOLLOWED this one, as Netflix does not have the first two UK seasons, which have never aired in the US. The one we are discussing now was Season/Series 3, and aired in the UK in 2012. Of course the ones Netflix has (UK Series 4 through 7) were aired in the US prior to this one.
  13. J-Man

    Making It

    I was surprised that none of the judges or hosts mentioned that Nicole's rock-climbing thing was in no way, shape, or form anything like a stadium. She was the only one who completely missed the mark.
  14. J-Man

    S02.E10: Breezy

    They should change the name from "Claws" to "Chips". With special guest appearances from Erik Estrada, Larry Wilcox, and Chris Pine's dad.
  15. J-Man

    S02.E09: Til Death

    I found it interesting that the closed-captioning said "Oxycontin," but Roller clearly said "Oxycodone." The former is a brand name; the latter the generic name for the drug. I wonder if they decided to re-dub Roller saying "oxycodone" for some reason (product placement?) but didn't re-do the closed-captioning.