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  1. I would prefer crawl into his ear and explode his skull...
  2. ramble

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    I don’t remember how I felt about Wentworth before so it must not have been too strong one way or the other. This go-round I am 100% over her. She annoys me. Her voice. Her opinion. Her limited strategy. Annoyed. The lovey dovey tribal was boring. I prefer the entertaining and surprising ones.
  3. ramble

    Aladdin (2019)

    Ugh. Nope. I’ll pass. Maybe one day if it streams somewhere. Maybe... Its like seeing a giant blueberry on top of an annoying Will Smith sundae.
  4. ramble

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I’m having a hard time getting interested in this movie largely because of the trailers. It has nothing to do with what Larson has or has not done. It all looks so much the same. I find myself mentally yawning. Maybe I’ve finally reached superhero burnout. I asked my kiddo (a comic fan) about going and her answer was she’d just read a synopsis before seeing Endgame because she just wanted to see part two (of Infinity War) and get some conclusion. She skipped Antman & the Wasp in the same way and I just got around to seeing it streaming. I still, and have from the beginning, have a problem with Larson’s voice. I can’t figure out what it is exactly but it bugs me. I’m sure I’ll see this eventually but it won’t be on opening weekend and may not be in a theater.
  5. ramble

    S01.E17: Goodbye

    Well that was a let down. A season long build up to that? Yawn. I started watching this show because of James Roday, David Guintoli and Grace Park, once she was added. They aren’t strong enough reasons to bring me back for a second season. I can not stand Delilah and Mggie annoys me greatly. Gary is only okay in teeny tiny doses. I only tolerate Eddie when he’s with Katherine. Rome and Regina were the strong ones for me but it looks like the plan is to screw with them. Poor writing and mainly unlikable characters with the attempted emotional manipulation of throwing in things like child sexual abuse and 9/11 as after thoughts? No thank you. There are about a million little reasons for me to cancel this.
  6. I saw an ad for a show called Ministry of Evil today. It’s about the cult headed by Tony Alamo. Sundance TV is going to air a four part mini-series about it starting February 27. Their ad says it’s “more fanatical than Jim Jones, more secretive than Scientology, more controlling than Charles Manson.” I don’t get Sundance and I really wish I did because I would like to see this. Alamo’s base was in my home state, Arkansas, and growing up I remember vaguely hearing about him and run-ins with the law, but as a kid I didn’t really pay attention. I thought y’all, my fellow watchers, might enjoy seeing it if you get the channel.
  7. Luke has such a smug mug that I want to punch him. I joke about people having a punchable face but I honestly feel like I want to punch him. In the picture linked above his face makes me grit my teeth and my skin crawl. What a puke.
  8. ramble

    The Umbrella Academy

    Exactly! The final felt very hodge podge to me and slightly under cooked. I enjoyed the characters on this show quite a lot. The quirks worked for me and the ones that were over the top seemed to have other qualities to temper the quirks. I found Allison a bit bland and the idea of her daughter seemed to come and go as needed but I’ll take likable bland over how I felt about her sister. I disliked the character of Vanya from the first moment she made an appearance so that took some enjoyment out of the show for me. I found her boring and whiny. Even when she became super powerful vengeful girl I found her yawn inducing. I don’t know if the actress intentionally played her that way or what the issue was but I actively wanted her to be off my screen each moment she was on. I eventually started FF’ing a good deal of her scenes. Her interactions with her boyfriend were painful to watch. Ugh. I know dear old dad was a bastard but I was intrigued by his character and would’ve liked to know a little more about him.
  9. I like our new ”reaction” choices a lot but I need a disgusted shiver for this. The whole setup screams bad choices and I’m putting those choices squarely on the parents. Social media often squicks me out more than it entertains me and this is a prime example.
  10. ramble


    IMDb (Amazon) has a new free ad supported streaming service that has Fringe available! There’s not a mobile option yet but you can stream to your laptop or PC. Here is some info. Here is where the Fringe page is.There is a “watch for free button” under the hand glyph. I own the DVDs now but I wanted to let my fellow Fringe fans know!
  11. ramble

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    The type of way I feel is skeevy and like he’s an idiot. He knowingly signed up for this show and, in theory, he wants to be married forever. Good grief dude grab a clue. Have you never watched this show? They love to do the phone exchange. And I’m with Kristine, once something is done it’s done for me. Also, somewhat off topic, but I’ll add my personal two cents. I find nudes stupid. Unless you’re using a Polaroid and then destroying them your pics are never completely safe. Okay I’ll shut up before I grab the soapbox and really get going. Puke thinks he really something but it’s the wrong kind of something. He thinks he’s clever and quite impressive but he’s showing himself to be an abusive user whose attempt to look good on tv has crashed and burned around him. Kate is clueless but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. An abuser can screw with your head and self esteem quite quickly. And I still think something hinky went on with her parents divorce that messed her up. The drinking thing was ridiculous. Puke must use that as a go to excuse. What a catch this douche is. If I were Kate I think I’d start pretending to drink all day long just to say screw you Puke. Pour water in a vodka bottle and swig from it all day long. Puking ass. These “homes” seem to have miniature furniture. The beds are small. The sofas are tiny. It makes for some awkward talking heads, especially for the couples they don’t want to be that close to each other, or you know, who feel dead inside I can’t decide it Stephanie really cares for AJ or is simply commited to the idea and is ready to settle down. He makes me twitchy with his twitchiness.
  12. ramble

    Unpopular Opinions

    I completely agree with the quote I read somewhere on the internet that said like if 50 Shades was about a dude living paycheck to paycheck in his trailer it wouldn't be “romantic,” it would be an episode of Criminal Minds.
  13. I don’t want to get political so I’ll just say the past couple of weeks a new law has made my heart heavy and listening to some Q&A today left me deeply depressed. I think that strongly influenced my reaction to this episode. I’m never surprised when this show makes me cry but while watching this I was full on sobbing. It’s all so heartbreaking. The average CO$ member, I believe, truly buys into the saving the world, clearing the planet stuff. I also believe that most of them are hungry for something. Something to believe in, something to belong to, something to satisfy their soul. I get that. I’m a Christian so I understand the desire to connect. The thing I find bizarre is how people become convinced that helping the planet includes attacking people and trying to ruin their lives. There seems to be no peace, no grace, no mercy no joy, no love. It’s just so sad and wasteful. People who start out wanting to improve their life and who are willing to work exceedingly hard end up in a cold, joyless organization that only wants to use them and bleed them dry. The fact that people were willing to try and fight against the behemoth that is CO$ and their billions is admirable. Hearing how ultimately it was futile and broke a man’s spirit is disheartening. I can only imagine, now that he’s out from the control of CO$, Mike has times where he’s overcome with what he did. I know that long time scamtology members that break free have a hard time processing and expressing emotions. I bet the longer he’s out of the web the more he gains understanding of what he participated in. On an upbeat note I loved the people yelling support at Leah and wanting pictures. Suck on that Davey and your sad intimidation force.
  14. ramble

    S08.E06: Honey, I'm Home?

    Ugh. Gross. Puke. Luke. I feel like he is a caricature of a hipster come to life. His overly styled “hair” and beard, his fake apologetic admittance of how he’s normally only attracted to ethnic, exotic beauties (sorry boring blonde basic Kate), his humble bragging about all his businesses/ideas/deals - it all seems like he browsed through social media and composed the ideal of his preferred cool, ironic character. I don’t feel like we know anything real about him other than the fact he is an ass. Because even a douche of a hipster with fake hair and stupid affectations can know not to say horribly hurtful and cruel things. Ass. I feel like Kate went into this partially due to whatever happened with her father that seemed to devastate her entire family. She seems emotionally venerable which is a sucky place to be with an emotionally abusuve pig like Puke. I want to be friends with Stephanie. She seems interesting and fun to be around. AJ? I don’t know. He would exhaust me. I can’t decide if they have a chance or not. If Grandma’s boy grows up I think he and the Queen have a shot, but I’m not convinced he’s going to want to do that unless teh sex is worth the trade off of not being the center of the universe. I don’t have a problem with Jasmine wanting traditional gender roles. There’s nothing wrong with that if you and your spouse are in agreement. However I don’t think she explained fully that she wanted that to the “experts.” Will is so laid back he seems unengaged so I don’t know if he is uninterested or just hard to read. For a brief moment I thought Cal was going to actually go off on Puke and forget the tired speech about overcoming crap, taking it slow, etc. But alas I ‘‘twas wrong. Sigh. A smug Puke is a pukier Puke.
  15. ramble

    S01.E12: The Day Before...

    I get the feeling that Delilah and Eddie never thought past their hormonal love fest to the real life that would follow. They probably romanticized how no one would stay upset with them for too long. Their amazing story of lovely love would convince everyone, even their former spouses, that their beautiful story was inevitable. I like to imagine what would’ve happened when they ended up in a crappy little apartment facing every day drudgery without the rosy glow of post coital dreams fueling their plans.