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  2. Fuzzyknickers

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    I’d like to be that side piece and show him how a man should be treated
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  4. ForeverAlone

    S20.E16: Facing Demons

    The episode started well enough, since Olivia was barely a factor, but of course it had to swing back to her, because it's probably required in her contract. However, she really needs to have all the seats and stop her "woe is me" act about how Brian didn't confide in her. I distinctly remember that one of his chief complaints that lead to their breakup is that she never opened up to him. He tried to get her to talk about William Lewis and be supportive, but she wasn't having it with him. She pretty much shut him down most of the time. Anyway, it was a different sort of episode, sort of. I do agree that it was rather eyerolling to watch Brian flat out refuse to testify at first, but practically guilt other victims into doing so. Step up and lead the way dude! It's not easy for anyone. But I did like to see Peter and Brian interacting, just because it was a different sort of thing we don't see often on this show anymore. I also agree that poor Micah was slandered so easily by Olivia, but she kept hesitating to believe that he could have been a victim. I mean, his mother sure it was him in the photos, while the other parents knew that it wasn't their kid in the pictures, but you know, Olivia just wanted them to be sure (shades of that iffy photo ID from last episode).
  5. LiveenLetLive

    The Kitchen

    She sure looked pregnant to me, and she was born in 1981, so perhaps her biological clock is ticking?
  6. I just started watching, I had no idea season 2 was available, why is it so hard to get accurate Netflix information?
  7. BW Manilowe

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Compared to the wedding, the shower only cost in the (5-figure) thousands of dollars (at least that was the price point I heard quoted)—so, a mere pittance. The GMA video I linked upthread also said Meghan paid for her own trip over & back & her security arrangements (at least some of which was provided by the State Department).
  8. I really do not want to see Malena make training camp again. It would be annoying to me and cruel to her. I don't think she'll ever have the skills to make the team's level of performance. The videos I've seen of her in prep classes show no improvement whatsoever. She makes choreo mistakes and is not a clean dancer. And one of my biggest pet peeves about her is her facials. When she does her open-mouthed smiling face (ie in episode 2 doing her solo at Kitty's), she looks surprised and cheesy and kind of vapid, and other times, her face is flat or looks like she's dying. I'm so glad that Heather O., Caroline, Molly, Jaylyn, and Rachel A are coming back! Amber may be a rough interviewee still, but she's a fantastic dancer and looks killer in the uniform. I'm also hoping for Bridget (who, alongside Daphne, I can see making it into or very close to the triangle this year), Lauren, Alexis, Cianna, and Khalyn (who, as I understand it, might be too injury-plagued, but I'd love to see her in the triangle). I easily can picture Maddie returning, because she's so young and clearly is so favored by TPTB, but I kind of hope she retires and I really, really hope they don't make her point. She's only cute half the time to me, and while I like that they take a range of looks and sometimes clearly value the whole person and performer over beauty, I think the point girl has to be photogenic and at least reasonably pretty. I agree that Gina sometimes looks like she needs a juicy burger and fries and that she gets "Joker-y" sometimes when she smiles, but she's more attractive and has at least some modicum of sex appeal, which Maddie does not really possess in my eyes. I'd far prefer Bridget or Daphne (or Heather O.) at point over Gina. As for what I want to see more of, maybe more Melissa Rycroft? I kid! I'd love to see a LOT more of what the group leaders and seconds do--leading rehearsals without K&J, maybe in meetings with each other to discuss who's excelling and who's struggling or needs to improve on what, etc. I loved the Where Are They Now segments and hope they (and the show!) continue. I also like getting alumni opinions on rookies; it's kind of insightful and encouraging and snarky at the same time. What I want to see less of? The Star and endless focusing on the same strugglers who can't say anything different or dance any better over the course of the season. I think they're doing a bit of a better job introducing us to more rookies the past couple of years, but we get so little about some of the rookies. For instance, Brianna, who was cut at finals the year before and seemingly rocked it at training camp last summer, hardly got any real screen time and I don't see why they blew the chance to have a stronger "comeback girls" story arc with Brenna and Brianna and went instead with following every breath Malena and VK took.
  9. SVNBob

    38:E01 It Smells Like Success

    Considering the Secret Scene, they're already thinking about it without any message being sent.
  10. himela

    38:E01 It Smells Like Success

    Yeah repeating your opinion without any reasons given does not make it stronger. You have got an answer and you have dismissed it just because. So let's go on. We are on season 38, they should know by now that returning players are the ones that should go first. Get rid of Kelly and give the message to the other tribe to get rid of the veterans as well and take it from there. When a split happens, these 4 veterans could have the majority, who do we think they will vote out!? The newbies of course. Then smart ass Rick will regret voting out Reem. The game had given them the greatest gift, the majority of the numbers, not having to worry for 4 tribal councils and they ruined it.
  11. DangerousMinds


    Nice, klassy language Kimmy.
  12. annzeepark914

    Figure Skating

    I wonder if American skaters would be welcome. Chris Reed is accepted there *but* he has a Japanese partner (& is Japanese-American himself). The coaches there seem to train their skaters very well. What's their secret? Maybe they make them skate figures for the first 5 years! But gee, did we have so much underrotating back in the day? Just guessing here. I'm no expert.
  13. saoirse

    God Friended Me

    I actually had mis-remembered that his character had died as well, but did a rewatch last year, and was like, 'O RILLY?'. 😉
  14. Milaxx

    S05.E14: Make Me the Enemy

    Micheala pushed him over the railing. They thought he was dead and then he was choking Rebecca so Wes grabbed the trophy and hit him over the head. Ultimately Wes was the one who gave the final death blow, but all of them except Asher were involved to some extent.
  15. twoods

    God Friended Me

    Thank you! It was so long ago and I remembered him leaving suddenly so assumed he died since so many others did. My memory sucks.
  16. howmanywords


    Look at Mike's whole twitter timeline..its actually pretty funny how Kim and Khloe took him down. My initial thought was Kim really was in the dark and should shut up, because why would someone so high up at The Bachelor lie? Turns out he's a complete clueless dumbass. Here's Kim's relevant tweet. After this and Khloe's tweet he shut up real fast trying to blame Khloe's lack of humor for why he'll look elsewhere now
  17. Trini

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Hmmm - so Godspeed is a future villain? In Nora's time? That still seems a waste. They really NEED to do a future episode, and I hope this is it. It would make sense with this show and this season's arc with Nora.
  18. Koalagirl

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I also went to her FB page to see if there were any wedding pics posted - and talk about airing your dirty laundry - she posted an audio of her husband screaming and cursing at her. There were posts there where her mother wrote that she didn’t realize her daughter was a battered wife and listed the signs she missed.
  19. saoirse

    God Friended Me

    His character actually moved to Switzerland to work with Christina on Grey's.
  20. jewel21

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I'm glad you're feeling better @OhioSongbird! What a scary experience *hugs*
  21. shapeshifter

    Up in the Air: Unspoiled Manifest Theories & Speculation

    Thank you for the much improved thread title, @garnetarden. Various speculations copied over from Page 2 of the 1.16 (finale) thread, beginning with the best-written one and then more or less in order on that page: or the real therapist is in a shallow grave somewhere. The Major should at least have framed forged PhD diplomas on her wall, but probably not necessary on this show.
  22. Layne

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    Then Jackson is her brother. For everything but Teddy's long ass pregnancy.
  23. Yep because the crossover never airs at the end of any of the series seasons. So Oliver will live because TPTB cannot kill off the lead in the middle of a season. Oliver is not dying so his show can go on and have a possible series finale without him. That's just not happening. Arrow is about his journey. He is the title character. It will get a full season this Fall even if it's the last.
  24. hoodooznoodooz


    I’m confused by Season 3.
  25. twoods

    God Friended Me

    Yay seeing Gaius Charles! I’m still bitter that his character was killed on Grey’s (that was the last straw for me to stick to that show) so am looking forward to him getting in between the church trying to kick out Miles’ dad. He was also on Necessary Roughness (still bitter they cancelled that show). This show continues to rock my world, and now it’s gone for another few weeks? It’s refreshing to see a show that has such a feel-good premises to and isn’t ashamed of it.
  26. Shirts, shoes, hats, socks, underwear, etc are also something shared with men and boys that doesn’t mean that some can be stereotypically “feminine”.
  27. iwasish

    A Million Other Reasons: Speculation

    I was rewatching earlier episodes and the Gary/Ashley hookup made me think, wouldn't it be interesting if Ashley returns .... pregnant with Gary’s kid...: just as Gary and Maggie decide to move in together.
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