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S01.E18: The Stable Boy 2012.04.01

12 hours ago, Shanna Marie said:

As it is, she never seems to think "poor Daniel." All she ever thinks about is "poor me."

Exactly, that's exactly how she thinks. And its how she always thinks which makes it hard to believe she was truly in love or was truly about avenging Daniel. Regina always thinks about poor Regina. How things effect her. That's never changed.  Her reaction to all her problems is murder.


Like her first reaction to Marion was to murder her again. Not of course remembering Robin telling her how he felt losing his wife.  And blame Emma for bringing her back.  Her reaction to Graham dumping her? Murder. And blame Emma. The whole grieving crap she was doing in the very next episode like she had any right to grieve. Snow murdering Cora despite it being to save everyone and once again her own part in it. Blaming Snow and she's the worse. Telling Emma her first reaction to seeing Hook back alive was to want to murder him. Yeah, she totally would have turned out right if Daniel hadn't been murdered. 

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