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LuAnn de Lesseps: No Longer a Countess, Still Never a Princess

12 hours ago, Stats Queen said:

My problem with Luann’s vs ORangeif the New Black, is the heart - the sacred heart of Jesus. If she didn’t have the heart in there, I personally wouldn’t have minded.  OITNB were mocking themselves as not being saints. but Luann’s picture is of Jesus, not a saint. I am an extremely lapsed Catholic by the way. 

I don’t think she was intentionally mocking Catholicism, and I’ve never heard or do or say anything that would lead me to believe she did this with any ill will. However, it was not well thought out, was tone deaf and was disrespectful to those of a certain faith.

We should not forget that Lu is actually not that bright. I think that she can memorize enough to become a nurse, and she knows what to do to draw men to her (that, I don’t assign much value to, I think most of us could orchestrate a one-night stand easily). But she really lacks the brain cells to understand why this is offensive. 


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