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S01.E09: Perspective

On 12/6/2018 at 11:25 AM, DoubleUTeeEff said:
On 12/5/2018 at 11:57 PM, yourdreamer said:

I have a feeling Delilah will be going to Blind Dog Whiskey or whatever before too long. 

Oh, boy. Run gas station man, run!

Yep, run as fast as you can, GSM.  His encounter with Delilah reminds me of an old country saying: "everything's that's good to ya ain't necessarily good for ya."

Agree with many here that this was the best written/acted episode of the series.  If they can maintain at least this level of quality, the show might have an outside chance of making it.

On 12/6/2018 at 12:00 AM, DearEvette said:

I like Gary.  And I am not gonna lie, I loved his scenes with John. 

Before this show, I'd only seen Ron Livingston in Search Party, and he was lights out there too. Excellent supporting actor, not a lead, but he makes every scene he's in come alive.  So far he's been used perfectly in this show.  Re: Gary - I get the feeling that he was dealing with some kind of pain/grief/unhappiness even before the Cancer.  The happy-go-lucky thing he's been doing prior to this week really seems like denial/over-compensation to me.

On 12/6/2018 at 2:42 PM, HazelEyes4325 said:

As for Ashley, the only time she's remotely interesting is when she's with Gary, so let them hook up every couple of episodes to keep her relevant.

Lord help me, Shady Ashley is starting to grow on me.  She reminds me of Tony Almeda from 24 in a way, somebody so shifty that even when they're telling the truth, it still seems like they're lying, lol.  I think she actually knows what the "Barbara Morgan" deal is all about.

As always, Romy Malco kicks major butt.  The expression on his face during the depression conversation - when his dad turned on the water, it looked like Rome was half expecting poppa to pour the pills down the sink too, it wasn't just some of us.

Definitely enough in this episode to keep me sticking around for awhile longer.

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4 hours ago, kazza said:

Some NYC condo buildings (usually high-rises) have supers and a full staff. The place Regina and Rome owns seems fairly upscale, so I wouldn't be surprised if they had some kind of in-house maintenance team. It was kind of a funny moment when Rome showed his Dad his all-in-one toolkit, as many condo owners could probably relate. 

I know I laughed, because that's all my son has now in his new apartment but he has no desire for his dad's tool bench/shelves in our basement in the future. I hope he becomes more handy.

I sometimes wish the writers see how fans catch the many gaffes though in writing and take the suggestions as a way to improve the show. My hubby always says TV started going downhill when watchers accepted less and less and reality shows replaced dramas and comedy shows with better writing. Even talk shows got lower class compared to the original ones.  They can carve a nice niche with this show and I hope it keeps getting better.

I personally think when the truth of Jon's duplicity comes out, it will be another shock to the group. Who was he? How did he hide all that? I don't think he was clinically depressed like Rome, but felt like he had no options left and wanted to leave his family with something monetary. It wont make me like Delilah more but it will be interesting to see how they explain it. Flashbacks will be hard, who is remembering it, but I hope to see more of the evolving of Jon.

The Maggie cliffhanger was a let down, she felt ill and ran to chemo, called her doc in the morning and said, Let's get this done? Weird but I feel like the writers do it week to week and forget things. This is Us writers have a long term outline that is set and looser components they play with, not a bad way to write.

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