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A place to discuss particular episodes, arcs and moments from the show's run. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.


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I'm glad there's finally an American Chopper forum here, but now I hope we can get some conversation started.  Looks like next week is the last episode of the season already!

This show has been on the air in several different formats over the years, but it hasn't been on for quite awhile.  I was glad to see it back, with everyone involved.  Vinnie is kind of conspicuous in his absence, but whatever.  Junior and Senior are getting along, and Mikey seems to have accepted his role to provide laughs.

When the show was in its "Senior vs Junior" phase, it seemed like there was always a greater appreciation for Junior's designs.  Senior has always been more of a management sort than a creative type.  It has struck me over this season that I have actually liked OCC's bikes, almost as much as Paul Jr's.  Although I'm not sure I liked last night's Spartan bike that well.  Junior's trike sounded incredible.

But OCC seems to be better run, as a business, what with the way they draw up some concept art they can show the client.  With Paul Jr. Designs, you have to just take what he gives you because he likes to do everything on the fly.

I'd be curious to know what really happened to that Yankee bike.  Maybe it fell into the hands of some Red Sox fan.  That episode was one of the most memorable of the originals, with the Teutel grandmother being such a big Yankee fan, and insisting on calling Jorge Posada "George" Posada.


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9 hours ago, Maharincess said:

Is this back on?  

Yes it is, Discovery Channel on Mondays.  The current season ends this coming Monday, July 16 2018 though.  

So this is a 10 episode season apparently.  Monday's episode is labeled #9, but there was also an episode reintroducing the series, a sort of "episode zero".  So I'd call it 10 episodes.

I have no idea what kind of ratings it's been getting, but hopefully there will be another season.


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