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Dan Conner/John Goodman: Big Head = Open Mind

Watched John Goodman in 10 Cloverleaf Lane movie yesterday. The contrast between how he looked in that movie (he was bigger than he was at any point playing Dan Conner) and now is just unbelievable. I know we haven't seen Dan for years and he's gotten older, but until this very moment, I hadn't been able to put my finger on what seemed so different with the character of Dan (besides the obvious appearance that is). It's that Dan doesn't seem to have any joy anymore. It's like life has just sucked all the life out of him. And I miss the old Dan. Like someone posted in another thread - they wanted Dan Conner  for a dad and then ended up marrying a "Dan Conner". I had a great dad and wouldn't have changed that for even Dan Conner, but I too married a man like Dan Conner. (And have to say - I'm a lot like Roseanne Conner's character too. lol


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