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2018 Winners




The Best

  • Best Animated Show - Bob's Burgers
  • Best Drama - Game of Thrones
  • Best Comedy - The Good Place
  • Best Competitive Reality Show - The Great British Baking Show
  • Best Non-Competitive Reality Show - Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
  • Best SciFi/Supernatural Show - Stranger Things
  • Best Episode Of A Drama - Game of Thrones: "The Dragon and the Wolf"
  • Best Episode Of A Comedy - The Good Place: "The Trolley Problem"
  • Best Episode Of A Competitive Reality Show - The Great Canadian Baking Show: "Canadian"
  • Best Episode of a Non-Competitive Reality Show - Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: "The Rise of David Miscaviage"
  • Best Episode of a SciFi/Supernatural Show - Black Mirror: "USS Callister"
  • Best Talk Show - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  • Best Writing - The Good Place
  • Best Cinematography - The Crown
  • Best Set Design - The Good Place
  • Best Costuming - The Crown
  • Best CGI - Game of Thrones
  • Best Stunt - Game of Thrones: Dany's dragonfall, and later the dragon melting the wall.

The Worst

  • Worst Animated Show - Family Guy
  • Worst Comedy - Roseanne
  • Worst Competitive Reality Show - The Bachelor
  • Worst Drama - Wisdom of the Crowd
  • Worst Non-Competitive Reality Show - Mama June: From Not to Hot
  • Worst SciFi/Supernatural Show - Marvel's Inhumans
  • Worst Talk Show - Megyn Kelly Today
  • Worst Writing - Once Upon a Time
  • Worst CGI - Marvel's Inhumans
  • Most Obvious Stunt Work - Marvel's Inhumans
  • Worst Episode of a SciFi/Supernatural Show - Stranger Things: "Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister"
  • Worst Episode Of A Comedy - 9JKL: "Pilot"
  • Worst Episode Of A Drama - Scandal: "Standing in the Sun"
  • Worst Episode of a Competitive Reality Show - Big Brother: the episode where Paul gets 3 weeks of safety
  • Worst Episode Of A Non-Competitive Reality Show - Sister Wives: "PolygaMexacamist Wedding"



The Good 

  • Favorite TV Moment Of The Year - Game of Thrones: "Tell Cersei it was me."
  • Favorite New Show Of The Season - Killing Eve
  • Now I Can Die Happy: Most Satisfying Death Scene - Game of Thrones: Winter came for House Frey
  • LMFAO: Funniest Scene From A Comedy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The "I Want It That Way" musical police lineup
  • Did That Just Happen?!: Biggest 'What The Actual Fuck' Moment From A Drama - Game of Thrones: The Night King taking down Viserion with an ice spear
  • You Couldn’t Make This Shit Up!!: Most Batshit Insane Moment From A Reality Show - The Bachelor: Arie breaks up with Becca after picking her.
  • Life On The Edge: Biggest Cliffhanger - Game of Thrones: The Wall falls
  • That Guy Used to Suck: Favorite Character Redemption Arc - The Good Place: Michael
  • Name That Tune: Favorite Opening Credits/ Theme Song - Game of Thrones
  • The Big Chill: Favorite Binge-Watch - Stranger Things
  • Badassiest Badass: Ain’t Got Time To Bleed - Scientology and the Aftermath: Leah Remini
  • We Heart Bad Boys: Favorite Villain - Game of Thrones: Cersei
  • We Go Together: Favorite Couple Or Ship - Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Amy
  • Will You Be My BFF?: Favorite Secondary Character - The Good Place: Janet
  • More Than Just A Prop: Favorite Performance By An Inanimate Object - The Good Place: The Trolley
  • Who’s A Good Boy: Favorite Performance By A Real Animal - Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Cheddar
  • No Fleas On Them!: Favorite CGI Animal - Game of Thrones: Drogon
  • “This Show Used To Suck”: Favorite TV Series Comeback - Legends of Tomorrow
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Most Gratuitous Fanservice - Game of Thrones: Jon Snow and Daenereys Targaryen have sex
  • Was It Good For You Too?: Favorite Season/Series Finale - Game of Thrones: "The Dragon and the Wolf"
  • Now I Have An Ice Cream Headache: Biggest Season-Long Mindfuck - The Walking Dead: Keeping Negan alive
  • BFFs Forever!: Favorite Friendship - The Good Place: Eleanor and Michael


The Bad

  • Least Favorite TV Moment Of The Year - Real Time with Bill Maher: Bill Maher refers to himself as a "house n****r"
  • This Nearly Killed Me: Saddest Death Scene - TIE - Game of Thrones: Viserion AND Stranger Things: Bob
  • Weird Science: Most Unbelievable Or Impossible “Scientific” Explanation - The Walking Dead: Zombie guts can suddenly be weaponized to create zombies
  • The Cerulean Sphere Award: Biggest Plot Point Letdown - The Walking Dead: You can become a walker simply by getting walker blood in an open cut or wound even though this has happened to the main characters literally dozens of times before and never caused them to turn
  • Not You Again: Least Entertaining Villain - The Walking Dead: Negan
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Couple You Wish Would Call It Quits - Grey's Anatomy: Jackson and Maggie
  • The Pierce Of The Year: Most Disposable Character - Roseanne: Roseanne
  • Long in the Tooth: Show That Still Airs Long Past Its Expiration Date - Grey's Anatomy
  • I Just Can’t Quit You: Favorite Show To Hate Watch - Big Brother
  • That Hurts: Most Painful Cancellation - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • They Mostly Come Back At Night, Mostly Award: Most Unwelcome Comeback Or Reboot - Roseanne
  • Idiot Stick: Dumbest Character Moment - The Walking Dead: Rick doesn't kill Negan in the season finale and instead "jails" him
  • What A Let Down: Anticipated New Show That Failed Miserably - Marvel's Inhumans
  • My Eyes! My Eyes!: Scene or Image From A TV Show That You Wish You Could Unsee - Game of Thrones: Sam peeling Jorah Mormont's greyscale/skin off
  • Seen But Not Heard: Child Character You Never Want To Hear From Again - Modern Family: Manny
  • Thanks For Letting Me Know You're Supposed To Be Hedy Lamarr: Casting Failure Of Someone As A Historical Figure -
    The Crown: Michael C. Hall as John F. Kennedy
Edited by SilverStormm. Reason: Added most satisfying death result.

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