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S01.E01: First Light / S01.E02: Suicide Sprints

My main issue with this show so far is how unlikable the Tandy character is.  Another pretty face hiding a terrible person inside.  Stealing from newlyweds is pretty low, but then leaving Liam high and dry was the last straw.  They must have had some sort of mutual friend who could have bailed him out.  I do like the name "Tandy" though, named after the computer, that's pretty funny.

I'm only casually familiar with the comic book characters so I don't know how closely they're following the source material.  It's been kind of interesting and I intend to watch all ten episodes, but I haven't seen anything yet that's hooking me into wanting to follow up with it next season.  At one time, I would probably be watching this faithfully just because it was based on a Marvel book, but in this day and age let's face it, there are a LOT of comic based shows to watch, and we have the luxury of being able to pick and choose.  In fact, there are so many you practically have to, unless you want to be glued to the TV all day.

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