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S11.E18: Naming day

Heartland is one of the best show since the last twenty years.

In the last episode, it was nice to see Amy working with Spartan again like older seasons.

Jack was so right about his comment about internet when Georgie was being bulled. People need to be able to talk more to each others and less using internet. 

People are so cowards to speak anonymously. They don't care of the feeling of others.


Jack is the grand father that everybody would dream to have. Ty is the core of show, but also Jack, Amy, Lou, Scott, Caleb, Georgie and Val.

They should bring back Ashley. The relashion that she had with Caleb was realy good.


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I also enjoy Heartland.   It really is a team effort and I appreciate the actors have been so dedicated and stayed so many years.


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