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Series 3 (2018)

I never thought I’d ever say this, but I miss Angus.  Tom and Liam are not good hosts.  I loved Liam on his series of Bake Off but he’s just not up for this job.  Poor chap.  When he describes the desserts, it sounds like he is reading off a grocery list someone just handed him.  And Tom just grates.  He’s fun on his new game show but this however is not enjoyable to watch. 


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OK, I've watched the first three episodes of this season and I agree with oldCJ, I think Angus and Tom were much better hosts.  Liam and Tom bring nothing to this party and Liam actually irritates me when he interrupts the bakers during their bake time when the bakers are being pushed to the wall time-wise.


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Just caught up. Agree the hosts total detract from the show. And their attempts at humor are cringe-worthy. I hope they change them! I think the right team won, but the talent seemed to be lacking compared to other seasons. A lot of times, most of the teams stuffed up the challenges, and very few of the showpieces were actually show-stopping. 


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