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Ex On The Beach (US)

A tie sends both people home! Survivor should adopt this quite frankly.

I'm sort of amazed Nurys voted for Kareem to go, but I guess she's interested in Nelson now, not Malcolm?

That Jay and Corey fight was embarrassing for all involved, but I think my "favorite" part was when Morgan said, "If I could just turn off my emotions, then I wouldn't have kissed Corey." Corey had it 1,000% right before -- she's stringing Jay along.

I really liked the Cory Z/Murray/Cheyenne triangle. Cory Z came in thinking he was going to destroy Murray's happiness, and old feelings resurfaced instead (history! emotion! conflict!) Such a contrast to the over-the-top "I know you are, but what am I" Jay and Corey fight.

I can't believe the Free Farrah shirts. This show is nuts.


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