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S01.E04: Season 1, Episode 4 2018.01.31


Si realises his relationship with Alice has deteriorated and is determined to find out why, while DI Mercer confronts Nate with new evidence about Kiri’s murder. As we work towards the truth about what happened to Kiri, Miriam realises she has to take responsibility for her actions, Alice’s devastation gets the better of her, and Tobi has a choice to make about his son Nate.

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Wow, that is definitely not how I expected the show to end. I know they had Si clearly outline the reasons why it would be best for him to keep his mouth shut but damn, he's just going to let Nate go to jail knowing that his own dad is the one who killed Kiri? That's stone cold, Si. My guess is that his rationalization is that even if he goes to the police (1) saying his dad admitted to killing Kiri is only hearsay which is useless because (2) his dad will never admit it to the police and (3) there is no evidence to tie him to the murder since she fell. I could be remembering this incorrectly, but didn't they originally say that Kiri had been strangled?

Jim's self-righteousness about how they SAVED Kiri and Nate is NOBODY just had me shaking my head. I guess being the savior means that Kiri has no free will and she was supposed to spend the rest of her life being grateful. Blech.

When Si told that horrible story to Miriam, I was afraid he was going to say that Kiri had remembered all of those things. Later when Jim said that Kiri wanted to stay with Nate for a while, I was relieved because that meant if Si's story were true then at least Kiri didn't know (well, I'm assuming that a kid who knew her father had raped her and killed her mother wouldn't be packing a bag to go hang out with him for a few days).

Is it wrong that I was REALLY relieved to see Jesse make it to the end of the series alive?

Ugh, of course Miriam got fired. They had to put the blame squarely on someone and cover their asses.

I loved that the sausage girl (Lucy?) found some of the other foster kids that Miriam had placed and brought them to see her. What a sweet gesture.


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