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S03.E04: Ride and Die


A key owner's blessing to bring professional football to Las Vegas hinges on equally critical meetings for Spencer and Joe. Meanwhile, Ricky stages his own private workout after being spurned by his new teammates; Vernon seeks a second chance; and tensions escalate between Charles and Larry after a Kisan's tryout.


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I don't know how in the hell he did it, but Spencer somehow managed to not only appease Wayne after being majorly late, but as got the owner of the Dallas Cowboys/Christopher McDonald potentially on board, all while getting him to forgive Vernon for being an idiot.  The ability to somehow stumble into a victory is amazing!  Although, I think a lot of credit goes to Joe really, especially with him standing up to Wayne for Spencer.  He maybe be a foul mouth doofus, but Joe's a loyal guy.

Reggie is getting even worse.  Not only has Amber left him, but something is up with his head.  He is blanking out on conversations he had, and he somehow went into a house that wasn't his, and punched a kid in the nose, because he thought he was a robber.  Yeah, this isn't good.

Oh, Charles.  You really, really need to be careful with Siefert.

Can't complain too much about gratuitous Serinda Swan in her underwear. 


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I struggle with this show. I like the setting, and the potential. But I don't like many (any?) of the characters. Are we supposed to laugh when Joe gets high, or Spencer feels the need to test his sperm? Feel badly when Spence chugs more pills and doesn't take care of himself? Care at all when any of the current players act like idiots? Who is there to sympathize with? They are all creating their own issues, and deserve whatever happens to them.

The only story line I find interesting is Charles', because I haven't figured out Siefert and Berg, yet. Charles is trying to walk a fine line, which is part of working in an organization sometimes, and so far he isn't being an idiot.

ESPN's Playmakers did this so much better, with stories like the older RB who was "over the hill" and trying to maintain his career and facing drug temptations. Ricky showed a flash of this, but it was  an aside from Amber, not a main story line.


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