Wonderfalls Cast & Crew in Other Roles

Feel free to discuss past or future projects of the cast or crew here!

Tracie Thoms performing with the company of Falsettos at the Tony Awards:


The revival of Falsettos was a limited run but before they closed, they filmed the show. It will air on PBS in October. It will also be in movie theaters beginning July 12th. You can find movie locations here.

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Caroline Dhavernas was really great in Mary Kills People (though it was weird seeing her already play a Mom of a teenager?). The show was a great showcase for her, especially after she had been so underutilized on Bryan Fuller's Hannibal. Though I continue to wait for Caroline to be back in a more comedic project, because I thought her comedic timing on Wonderfalls was fantastic. She's a great dramatic actress, but the perfect project for her would be a project where she is able to do both, comedy and drama. I'm not sure if we will see Caroline ever in another American broadcast series, she said in an interview she preferred serial projects with fewer episodes.


Tracie Thoms will be in the next season of UnReal, which premieres in 2018. 


Haven't heard much about Katie Finneran and Tyron Leitso lately, though the former has been in a couple of unsuccessful sitcoms and I think she also was in Bloodline.

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I agree that she was so very underused on Hannibal which was disappointing. I am hoping to see her in another comedic role too because she was so funny on Wonderfalls.

Katie Finneran has appeared on Brockmire which is supposed to be good but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

Lee Pace has three movies coming out this year: The Keeping Hours, The Book of Henry, and Revolt. Halt and Catch Fire is on my list of shows to binge watch so I can catch up with everyone else. Hopefully I'll get to it this summer!

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