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Kimber: The Little Sis

As co-owner of the Starlight Foundation and writer for the band, Kimber surely keeps busy.


A missed opportunity was the episode "Fathers' Day." In it, Video, their video director, had problems coming up with something for her dad for the titular holiday. Jerrica/Jem suggests a video that has old footage of them (the band and their fathers.)  Kimber has a bad time, upset that her dad is dead and why should she have to write anything about a gift for someone else's dad. Video turns out to have been neighbors with the Misfit Clash and her family. Clash's family acts as you'd expect.  Yet! Kimber is helped by Mr. Gabor, Pizzazz's dad ( horse riding accident, iirc.) Kimber and Mr. Gabor bond, and Kimber hears Mr. Gabor's sadness at the current state of his relationship with Phyllis ( Pizzazz's real name.) 


Now, while I don't expect Kimber to be all Jimmy Carter, I was hoping that she would try a bit harder to be sensitive to Pizzazz's feeling about her dad- like not walking off with him as he ignores Pizzazz or after heated words between the two. Yes, Kimber is allowed to be friends with whomever she wants, but to so obviously side between the two then act like she can't understand how Pizzazz might feel? That was a missed story for Kimber, who had been throwing a fit when anyone tried to get her to write a song about dads.  Then Kimber seems to, in essence, steal Pizzazz's dad  to fill the Mr. Benton-shaped hole in her heart.   I am pretty sure that is not how things were meant to appear. Of course, I could be misreading how those scenes played.


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Even if Kimber was sensitive to Pizzazz's feeling, I don't feel Pizzazz at the time would've been receptive.   Pizzazz doesn't do sensitive...at least not very well...LOL.

They always seemed to write Kimber as bratty and a mini-rebel in the series.   Jerrica always seemed to get top billing with the parents and it felt like Kimber was an afterthought.   The dad even leaves earrings for Jerrica and nothing for Kimber.    It's a wonder she even wanted to be in the band.

Edited to say...I believe Kimber did get a portion of Starlight Music but still it seemed she suffered from Jan Brady syndrome.   "Jerrica...Jerrica...Jerrica."

Edited by Meedis.

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