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Heroes Reborn

How do you feel about NBC rebooting Heroes for a limited run season?


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  1. 1. How do you feel about NBC rebooting Heroes for a limited run season?

    • Awesome! I can't wait
    • Hilariously inconceived

Yeah, they were.  Just found the show on netflix and, just as I recalled, the wheels came right off the wagon in season 2.  I'm like 4 episodes in and it's getting so stupid I can hardly watch.  I'll give Reborn a shot but they're starting with one strike.


All I can say is, as I've said before-far more boring and poorly written, poorly acted shows have lasted far longer than Heroes did.

I stick with my original statement.


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I'm here for HRG! Hell, yeah!


I just want it to either be good, or so bad I can just watch it to make fun of. No middle ground, please


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Based on the clips/preview, some of the new characters function the same way as some of the old characters.


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My Sunday paper ran its monthly astronomy column today, and it mentioned that the US will see two total eclipses in the next 10 years. Not only that, but their paths will intersect in an X shape. The city at the vertex, that will see both?

Carbondale, Illinois.

So now I'm wondering if Kring knew that when he set up the story.


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