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I think all the media content broke the old thread, so this new one is rising like a Phoenix from its ashes. 

As before, this is for SPOILER CONTENT ONLY. Any commentary posted here will be summarily removed. 

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Re-posting here because video in old Spoilers Only thread is too difficult to watch (due to glitches)

Arrow | Season 5 Sizzle | The CW
Published on Apr 20, 2017, by The CW Television Network

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Latest (and presumably last) spoiler MG gave to jbuffyangel about 520.


8. Everyone on Team Arrow is working together to save Oliver and Felicity, but OTA is definitely the varsity squad. 


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Spoiler Room: Scoop on Scandal, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D., and more


Anything Arrow? — Jordan
The finale is going to bring the show full circle to what we saw in the pilot — and more! Here’s what EP Wendy Mericle tells me: “We’ve managed to hopefully stick the landing on it in a cool way that allows us to see both some of the moments right before we first met Oliver in the pilot, where he launched that flaming arrow and it lit up that signal fire, and also maybe a little bit after as well, some of the more emotional moments that we never got to see in the pilot.”

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Displaying tweets as links to reduce download time - these tweets are all dated April 20...

Pre-stunt quote of the day "this will be loud as fuck"  😂😂 #ArrowSeason5 #setlife @JamesBamford 😗

@YRShoots❓don't know where U plagiarized this #Arrow #BadInfo from❓but hate to tell ya Stephen & Josh R shooting right now #YVRShoots #Wrong

Today is Not even the last day.. #Arrow have some scenes to shoot tomorrow with Dolph..

A Very Full cast for #Arrow tomorrow.. Stephen, Ramsey, Josh, Dolph, Katrina, Katie, Juliana and a few others... #YVRShoots #FinaleEpisode

[On whether KC is on set]
Yep she works all day

Happy to FINALLY get #autographs from former #Arrow star and now guest star Susanna Thompson today.
Talked Briefly about #Timeless w/ her

[On whether Jamey Sheridan is also back] 
He is not

Got #autographs from #Arrow baddie Dolph Lundgren as he RETURNS TO VANCOUVER TO FILM MORE ARROW SCENES

#Arrow (despite wrapping today lol  ) films in multiple studios tomorrow

[On whether he knows where the Arrow studios are that they'll be recording]
Yes but you cant see anything or meet anyone so no point having fans being weird AF and standing outside

This tweet is dated April 21...

Stephen is done.. got to finish his scenes yesterday.. the rest of his scenes are now all stunt double #Arrow Emily fini as well #Wrapped

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Is Arrow Planning A The Walking Dead-Style Season Finale Cliffhanger? It Sounds Like It
Russ Burlingame- 04/24/2017


During an interview with earlier today, Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle referred to the upcoming season finale as a cliffhanger, and indicated that fans might not know who lives and who dies until season six.
*  *  *
Asked about earlier comments that they "might lose someone," and whether that meant traumatized audience members or a death in the cast, Mericle was coy.

"We're going to have a big bang of an ending, and we're not going to know really the outcome until the end of season 6," Mericle told "We don't often do cliffhangers in the way that we're doing this season, and we're excited about this ending."
*  *  *
"I feel like we are going to stick the landing with Oliver and ending that chapter," Mericle said of the flashbacks that have served as a kind of backup story in the show's first five seasons. "I hope the fans agree. We've had a really fantastic time writing this season; it's been a blast. Moving forward into season 6, we're not calling it a reboot, because really the show is called Arrow and it's still about Oliver and his team, and that's not changing, but we don't have the flashbacks. What that's going to allow us to do is keep that device when we want it, but we don't have to keep pushing the five year storyline down the road. It gives us a lot more real estate to play around with, a lot more space to hopefully bring in some cool villains and to tell new character stories, and we have a lot of new characters on the show whose backstories we haven't really had the chance to experience."

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Bringing over from page 1502 of Spoiler Discussion thread...

Arrow Manhunt Pits Team Arrow vs. Felicity: Reader Questions Answered!
By Matt Webb Mitovich / April 26 2017, 9:20 AM PDT

Arrow: 10 Things to Know About What's to Come in the Rest of Season 5
by LAUREN PIESTER | Wed, Apr 26, 2017 11:00 AM

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'Arrow’: Wendy Mericle Teases Felicity’s ‘Dark Night of the Soul’
Jacob Bryant  Apr. 26, 2017


Felicity is getting in much deeper with Helix. Does that storyline come to a head in this week’s episode?
This episode is very much Felicity’s dark night of the soul in respect to Helix. She’s been going down this rabbit hole, Oliver and Dig (David Ramsey) have been watching it and trying to pull her back from the brink of making the colossal mistakes they each have made. The time for reflection is gone and she’s only going to be thinking of the decisions she’s made and the moral consequences she’s made after the episode.

Oliver has frequently found success by allying himself with questionable people. You can’t really argue with Helix’s results regarding Prometheus. Is he being a bit hypocritical toward Felicity?
He recognizes the hypocrisy of it — how could he not? He’s seen enough of the people around him go down these dark roads. At the same time, that’s really the crux of the issue for him. He’s seen people do it, he knows what the cost is on the other side of that, and I think it’s less hypocrisy and more a genuine concern for not wanting her to make the same mistake.

Speaking of allying with questionable people, you revealed that Deathstroke will be returning for the Season 5 finale. How was it to bring the character and Manu Bennett back into the fold?
It was fantastic to have Manu back. He’s a member of the family. He was so formative in Seasons 1 and 2, and Deathstroke is a huge factor in the comic books for Oliver Queen. It was fantastic to have him back, and Deathstroke is an unpredictable character, so Oliver taking him on makes you wonder. He must be in a pretty dire situation if he’s aligning himself with people like that.

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Latest spoilery posts (or spoilerish clues) at on Apr. 26, 2017...

bkwurm1 asked:
Dangerous Liaisons was fantastic, edge of your seat viewing. I've already watched it twice. Just need your help in understanding what exactly happened there at the end. I thought that James (Helix) tricked Felicity with the flashdrive and faked tracking Chase as a stall until it could send out that EMP to destroy the Arrow Bunker. Others think Chase really was there and set off the explosion. Which one was it? Thanks so much! Can't wait for next week!

Chase was really there.  Thanks for watching!

felicityisaqueen asked:
Hi Marc! Someone on Twitter said you said Olicity won't get back together this season. Is that true? Or was this guy making that up? I have a hard time believing you'd spoil the end of the season like that.

I have a hard time believing it too!

marcelitachiquita asked:
Marc Guggenheim. Thank you for blessing me with that trailer. I can't wait for the last 5 episodes! Super excited for the conversation between Oliver and Felicity where he opens up to her. On a scale of 1-10 how much is gonna destroy me?


aboutahope asked:
The Olicity sex could be a flashback?

It could…

dothehokeypokeyandturnuppp asked:
Is the Olicty scene with Oliver and Felicity touching noses in the bunker we see in the sizzle reel from 5x20 or another episode?

520.  :)

all-things-interesting-tome asked:
Hey. Is 520 going to feature any other characters other than Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Lyla?

Yup.  You can expect to see all the familiar faces.

olicitymadearrow asked:
Looking like the last 2 episodes —519 and 520 — are going to be better than all previous the episodes of season 5 combined. Congratulations on that. Felicity was awesome! Can you explain why so much of season 5 was retconned to act like Olicity was unimportant and had them barely interact — aside from appeasing the handful of trolls crying and harassing you?

I can’t.  But only because there was no retconning.  We told the story that we wanted to tell.  Like we always do. :)

bloopbloop1234 asked:
Describe Olicity in 5x22 with one word.


felicityfan20 asked:
My question is could it be possible that Felicity is the daughter of Stephanie Brown? The story needs finished and it would put Felicity in the DC Comic's where she deserves to be.

Well, we’ve already established who Felicity’s mother is, so…

arrowversefan asked:
Will David and Echo still be series regulars on arrow season 6?


optickaliber asked:
Hey Marc! Loving Arrow season 5. I had a quick question. Will we see or learn how Adrian knows so much about Team Arrow and Oliver?

I thought it was clear, but:  Talia did her research on Oliver and shared that with Chase.  And Evelyn filled in the blanks on the team.

colmc10 asked:
So today was last day of filming? I thought it was Friday?

Last Friday was the last day of filming

drowniiiing asked:
Is there any chance of ever seeing Helena back on Arrow? Or has the door closed for that character? (if not, you should consider a new Birds of Prey show with her, hawkgirl, and black siren. wink wink.)

Totally want to bring Helena back.

marytagus asked:
Thanks for the great Sizzle Reel. Now I'm reelling and excited. Can you please tell me, in a non spoilery way, if on Nyssa vs Talia is going to be a clear winner?

I can tell you that there will be a clear winner.

cinfos asked:
Marc, with Arrow Season 5 wrapped and the future holds no more Flashbacks of Oliver's time on LianYu, will we ever see LianYu again? I mean with Argus having a prison there I would think it was still a viable option for the future if need be.

You’ll see Lian Yu in Season 6.

silver7raider asked:
Will we ever see Arsenal/Roy Harper ever again in Arrow?

I certainly hope so!

optickaliber asked:
Will David Nutter return to direct the flashbacks in the finale?

Unfortunately, no.  David was directing a pilot when we were shooting the finale.

blackhispanic-twitch asked:
Hey Marc big fan of the show and write for a geek news site so was wondering if you could answer some question? 1) Will Season 6 feature more establish DC characters be shown in season 6? 2) When it comes to Siren's origins how do you think you and writers will approach it? 3) Whats the main pros and cons between working on Arrow verse working in Legends? 4) With Black Lightning possibly joining the universe and the animated shows for Vixen, Constantine and the Ray will crossover happen more oft

1) Totally possible.
2) You’ll learn more about her backstory in Season 6.
3) They’re extremely different shows, each with their own pros and cons, both creatively and from a production perspective.  For my part, I like the fact I get to switch between both worlds.
4) That’s a larger question.  We tend to take these things one opportunity and/or story at a time.

sassytyrantblaze asked:
Hey Marc, you said in an interview back in 2013 I think that you were interested in possibly bringing Vic Sage (aka The Question) into the Arrowverse eventually. Is there still any chance of that happening someday? I absolutely LOVED him on Justice League Unlimited! I don't think the character's being used in the either movies or the comics right now so there's no reason you couldn't do if it was the right story right? Plus, Hub City has been referenced several time in the Arrowverse so far.

I pretty much bring up Vic in every meeting I have about characters I want to see on Arrow.  Perhaps one day…
(Renee would be cool, too.)

fight--for--now asked:
Ok, now that I can form words, I have a juicy question. The head of Helix, I'm guessing we will be seeing him in season 6. Considering Felicity helped free him, any chance we will see her want to take him on? It would be within her personality to do that!


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Arrow's Wendy Mericle On the Olicity Balancing Act
Russ Burlingame- 04/26/2017


Last season, Arrow viewers critical of Oliver's relationship with Felicity Smoak constantly complained that the romantic elements of their character story had taken over the show. This season, fans of "Olicity" are mad that they've had next to nothing explaining the nature and reasons behind their breakup between seasons -- and showrunner Wendy Mericle has heard all of it, and knows how difficult it is to balance the differen story elements that she says make the show what it is.
*  *  *
Tonight on Arrow, Oliver and Felicity did something they haven't done a lot so far this season: they addressed the elephant in the room that is their breakup, and showed at least a little spark of chemistry between them.

“It is a challenge. That’s what makes the show what it is,” Mericle said of the balancing act she and the other writers have to attempt every week. “Everything we’ve heard in the press is that the people who love it this season were the ones who didn’t like it that much last year. It does make you aware that you really can’t please all of the people all of the time, so what I try to focus on is what’s right for the characters, what are the best stories to tell, and when is it right to bring in these other elements?”
*  *  *
For Mericle, the challenge of deciding how much Olicity versus how much Team Arrow action to include every week enriches the show, but it's not unique to Arrow.

“I think that it’s true of any series that you’re constantly balancing the action stuff with the character stuff, unless you’re on a true character series, which there are honestly very few of these days,” Mericle said. “I think that the bigger thing is always telling the right story for where the characters are going, and we do try to allow the natural progression of where Oliver would be and where Felicity would be emotionally and psychologically at this point in the series and season,a nd let that dictate it more than anything. I think that’s part of what makes the show successful is having all of these various angles. It’s a crime series, it’s a superhero series, it’s got all this action and it has this character component as well. It’s what the show is, and it’s very much in the DNA of it.”

Arrow's Wendy Mericle Says Oliver is Forging A New Legacy in Season 6
Russ Burlingame- 04/26/2017


“Oliver is moving toward forging a new legacy,” Mericle said. “He’s put this past and this burden from his family to rest and he’s moving forward to redefine that in season 6. It’s all new, and he’s got this wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from now, and a team to work with.”
*  *  *
“Moving into season 6, we’re not calling it a reboot because the show’s still called Arrow and it’s still about Oliver and his team, so that part’s not changing, but we aren’t going to have the flashbacks,” Mericle explained, saying that eliminating the storytelling device opens up a lot of flexibility in the show's format, while still allowing them to flash back -- to Oliver's adventures or anyone's -- when the story needs it. “It gives us a lot more real estate, a lot more space to hopefully bring in some cool villains and tell some cool character stories — and we have some new characters on the show whose backstories we really haven’t had an opportunity to experience. WE saw a little bit of Wild Dog’s, we haven’t seen that much of Dinah’s. If we bring in anybody new or we’d love to have Ragman back at some point as well, we can use the flashback device to tell other people’s kind of islands, if you will. And that part is very exciting.”

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5x22 - Missing:


BLACK SIREN RETURNS — Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy) returns to help Chase (Josh Segarra). Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) organizes a birthday party for Oliver (Stephen Amell) while Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is furious after Rene (Rick Gonzalez) misses the custody hearing for his daughter. Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Oscar Balderrama (#522).  Original airdate 5/17/2017.

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“He’s going to be a huge factor leading up to the finale,” she shared. “This season is all about legacy, and when Malcolm comes into the story, it’s really rooted as much by necessity from Oliver’s point of view as it is about what Malcolm means to him and what Malcolm means to Thea. It’s a great story, because it’s going to have a lot of action but it’s also going to have this kind of emotional undercurrent that is going to lead to a really big, huge series moment for him. I think it’s a great story to tell, and it’s great stuff for John [Barrowman] to play.”

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522 or 523? ...

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Walking Dead, Fuller House, Good Fight, Big Bang, Supernatural, Once and More
By Michael Ausiello / April 26 2017, 1:13 PM PDT


Question: Anything about John Barrowman’s return to Arrow? —Rory
Only that A) he still slips oh-so-easily into the lair, and 2) he stands to be either friend or frenemy to Team Arrow as the Prometheus arc hits its climax. “The last time Oliver and Malcolm saw each other, Malcolm helped them at the end of Season 4 — but he also went after Oliver’s son in the middle of Season 4,” showrunner Wendy Mericle reminds. “So always with Malcolm, you never know where you stand. You’re always a little bit off balance even if you think he’s on your side.”

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John Barrowman on Playing Super-Villain Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow
Published on Apr 13, 2017, by Good Morning Britain

-- Regarding the last two episodes of Arrow this season, JB: "It seems that Malcolm always appears towards the end of the season to either help Oliver Queen, who's the hero of the show, or hinder him. And in this particular one, there's a ver - there's some sad things that happen and there's also some happy things that happen. I can't tell you anything really specifically because I would get in very big trouble with Warner Brothers. But it's - they're very - they're two very exciting, uh, very well written episodes. Uh, and as always on Arrow, we have a great, kind of cliffhanger season finale that will lead us into the next season."

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On whether Thea kills Malcolm...

"No but the scene involves Thea lol"

"Im only going off words, meaning always translate little different on TV but yes from what I know believe he saves Thea or sacrifice himself"

On whether Malcolm saves Thea and dies a hero's death...

"[thumbs up emoji]"

"Keep in mind Im going off what i saw, don't care enough to go back & check the scene sequence to make sure haha"

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This is barely a spoiler, but posting here to be safe...

Arrow: Stephen Amell Teases Prometheus' Savage End Game
Joseph Schmidt- 04/30/2017


Arrow star Stephen Amell spoke to reader Michael Leslie at Planet Comicon Kansas City where he revealed that Chase’s violent tendencies are only going to get worse for Team Arrow as it barrels toward its fifth season finale, while praising the performance of actor Josh Segarra.

Amell talked about how Prometheus has been a great villain for Green Arrow and his allies, calling Segarra “almost scary good.” 

When Leslie noted just how savage Chase has been revealed to be, Amell only offered this tease for the remaining episodes:

“Just you wait.”

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MG's response to news article about John Barrowman not being part of DC universe next season...

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JB didn't sound happy about Malcolm's fate...

John Barrowman panel part 2 Planet Comicon 2017 Kansas City Sat 4-29
Published on Apr 30, 2017, by Steve Erickson

-- (Starting at the 9:10 mark) Fan: "So I was wondering what projects you have coming up. A return to the DC universe? Or what else? ... (JB pauses) You know something, don't you?" JB: "No, I [unintelligible words]. And there's a reason. 'Cause I haven't - that's why - well, put it this way - I'm looking at my sister. ... Um, I'm going to - all I'm going to - you saw the musical episode, yes? If you haven't, I'm not going to spoil anything. But. There was something said in the musical episode - if something happens to you in that world, it happens to you in the real world. You know what I'm talking about? What? (Fan says, 'you die') Come up and say that. (Fan says, 'you die in that world, you die in the real world' - audience gasps) That's all I'll say. I'm so sad. Uh, I won't be part of the DC universe next season. (Audience reacts) Someone's applauding! Thank you. (Responds to fan's unintelligible question) I will not be part of the DC universe next season. (Lots of groans and boos from the audience) You can all get on twitter when the episode airs. I haven't told you what happens, so - yeah."

-- Fan: "My fiance says that even though your character's evil, he's always secretly rooting for him." JB: "Yes, because he's one of those - I love Malcolm Merlyn because he's a character that is - he's evil, he's, uh, got an agenda. He's actually - he's really supportive, ironically, of the people that are on the team and around him. It might not be the best way to be supportive sometimes, it's how he is, but he is supportive. He might punch them in the face, but it's still supporting them. 'Holding you up, thank you!'"

-- As for upcoming projects, JB said that he's doing a lot of traveling, he's doing a movie in the UK, he and his sister have the next sequence of their book series coming out, and they're looking at doing another series of Torchwood comics. JB added: "That's it, really, and I'm around doing things - looking for another job... I just dropped a bomb. You all are like, 'oh my god.' Don't worry, I'll be fine."

-- When asked if he would ever go into the Marvel universe, JB said that it wasn't up to him, he has to be asked. He also said that he would love to do Supernatural.

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Latest spoilery posts (or spoilerish clues) at on May 1...

hotchnisscm97 asked:
Will Emily be returning as a main next season?


lavendarsweets asked:
Where is Vigilante? Will we see him/her anymore this season?

Not in Season 5, unfortunately.  But you’ll get an identity reveal in Season 6.

thejusticecanary asked:
Will Black Siren get cool hand to hand fight scenes in S6??

Yes, but how about in Ep. 523?

queenpartyoftwo asked:
Why is Diggle so put out about Lyla holding James illegally when Slade has been withering underground on an island without trial for the last three years?! Does that come up when we see Slade again?

In 520, Lyla points out the double standard.

dothehokeypokeyandturnuppp asked:
If Felicity walked out of the wheelchair in her apartment why is the wheelchair in the bunker? Backup wheelchair?

Don’t you have a lot of old crap lying around your house?  Same with the bunker.

fuzzyloverstudent-496587c2 asked:
Is it just a coincidence that Floyd Lawton and Rene's daughters have the same name?


hotchnisscm97 asked:
Any chance we'll get another 2.5 style comic?

No plans at the moment.  2.5 was a lot of fun, but it kinda nearly killed me.  That said, there are preliminary talks in the works that should scratch your itch – but not in comic form.

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More spoilery posts at on May 2...

briane331-blog asked:
Hi Marc, I want to thank you for responding to my Twitter question about John being involved next year being his choice. It seems a single tweet has led to the whole world reporting Malcolm will be dying and/or John has been fired from the Arrowverse/the CW. Could you just elaborate on his situation (that is if you legally can). Or at least confirm/deny the news in a more elaborate way. It would just be nice to know what to believe because at this point my head is spinning and not in a good way.

I’m certainly not going to spoil anything, but even if Malcolm were to die – hypothetically – that’s hardly a barrier to (re)entry in the Arrowverse (see, e.g., Sara, Black Siren, Damien Darhk, flashbacks, time travel, etc.).

arrowofpanem asked:
Since Katie is now back as a regular do you think we can see E1 Laurel in flashbacks?

In fact, I do think so.

laurelxlance asked:
promise me well get Black Siren in AT LEAST 13 episodes in S6 👀 I'll love you to the moon back.

I can promise you that.

crycanarycry asked:
2 truths and a lie about Laurel on the finale?

Laurel is dead. Laurel comes back to life.  Laurel is dead.  :)

mailboi asked:
Will Colton Haynes return in the remaining episodes of the season?

Sadly, no.  I’m sorry.

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