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S01.E01: The Mission Begins 2017.03.31


As World War II begins, five of Hollywood's top directors leave success and homes behind to join the armed forces and make films for the war effort.



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Nicely done, the set-up and introduction to the directors.  I wonder how many people who aren't particularly interested in the war and/or movie-making will be watching.  But I guess that's the problem with any documentary -- will we watch if we don't care about the subject. 

What I remember most about Mark Harris's book was how disorganized it was -- not the book, but the projects themselves.  The military didn't know what to do with the directors and the directors weren't always clear about what was expected.  The directors were back and forth between war zones and the States throughout the war, and the result was a lack of something -- coherence, maybe.  ??

I don't pay much attention to modern movies and am wondering if there have been similar attempts to guide our thinking with regard to current conflicts, not from the government, of course, but from individual filmmakers who have something to say.  I'm also a bit obtuse, so if I did see a film that spoke to our current national problems, I might not recognize it for what it is.  Subtext is often lost on me.


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