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Season 1 Discussion: The Long Road

Just a few thoughts to kick things off, maybe.

Not sure why this show wasn't more successful.

Ahead of its time? No zombies? 

I think a broadcast-standards-friendly remake  might do well on the CW. Maybe too similar to The 100 though?


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Ahead of its time but also often a tad simplistic. And for a show that theoretically  couldn't have characters older than 28 at best, most of the main cast was noticeably way too old to have been 12-13  fifteen years earlier. Luke Perry was 40, for god's sake.

I always enjoy picking out the actors from Battlestar Galactica that guested on it - Tricia Helfer, Aaron Douglas, Alessandro Juliani, and of course Kandyse McClure.

True story - when Luke Perry was at Dragoncon, he described in detail how he used to cut his own hair for this show since he was supposed to have bad hair.


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