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Small Talk: No Refuge

The Small Talk topic is for:

  • Introductions
  • Off-topic chatter
  • Having virtual tea with forum buddies


This is NOT a topic for actual show discussion. When you want to talk about the show:

  1. Figure out the nature of the topic you want to talk about
  2. Look for an existing topic that matches or fits
  3. If there is NOT an existing topic that fits, CREATE ONE!


Examples of topics that populate show forums include (but by no means are limited to):

  • Character topics
  • Episode topics
  • Season topics
  • Spoiler topics
  • Speculation topics
  • In the Media topics
  • Favourite X topics
  •  ...you get the idea

Happy trails beyond Small Talk!


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They'll need to syndicate the show for there to be any traffic here! I haven't seen much of the show since I originally taped them to VHS format over 15 years ago! I was surprised they lasted 5 seasons with a legitimate ending! It seemed to be destined to be unfinished with actors coming and going and of course the death of Rodenberry using old scripts and ideas without his supervision! It was still a "must see" along with "Blake's 7" from the 80's! ;-(


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