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S01.E06: Episode 6 2017.02.12

Awwww, I'm so sad that this is the finale! I have loved watching a good natured dance show without any drama or pontificating, self-congratulating judges (ahem, Nigel Lithgoe). Tonight I really noticed that the female host always holds the microphone in front of herself, which just makes me appreciate Cat Deeley on SYTYCD even more. Even though she's like two feet taller than the tiny dancers, she always remembers to hold the microphone down in front of their faces during the judges' comments.

Loooooove that all the eliminated couples were backstage to cheer on the finalists. One other thing I have really appreciated throughout the season is that the show did up the sets. They didn't skimp and try to get away with reasonable facsimiles. If they needed a giant staircase, they had one. If they needed cars on the stage, they had them.

Jonny & Chrissy:

  • Caught Up by Usher - Chrissy made me feel old when she said that she liked this song when she was a kid. I'm glad that the hosts pointed out his parents in the audience. Since the first week, I've seen the cameras focus on people in the audience and I had no idea who they were. I agree with Tina - one of the things I look for in a dancer is someone who looks like they're having fun and makes me want to get out of my seat and dance
  • Scream by Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - honestly, their first performance was great so I wasn't sure how much better it would get, but they looked even stronger and cleaner.
  • Telephone by Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Chrissy is an amazing dancer but she is also a really great actress so she really gets into character and sells every performance.
  • Try by Pink - this routine had SO much partner work and so many lifts (which are two different things)! People often assume that lifts take strength from the man, but it also takes a lot of strength from the woman too. Most of those moves could not have been done if only Jonny were strong. And then there was all the stunt work - breaking a chair, breaking a window, hanging on a chandelier. And then there's the sheer physicality of it all. There was no faking it - they had to shove each other, hit each other, and throw each other around. It could have come off looking fake if they hadn't thrown themselves into it completely, but they both totally committed to the raw emotion. Doing partner work requires a lot of trust and Chrissy described it perfectly - sometimes you are just blindly diving headfirst and you just have to expect your partner to be there and catch you. If you don't, the lifts will look tentative. They did a great job.

Lucy-Jo & Rohan:

  • Singin' in the Rain - Rohan was good but not great. He is not a tapper and it was even more apparent when he was with the other two tappers. I'm sorry, but this was not worthy of a 10. I thought that Jonny did so much better with his Puttin' on the Ritz tap number a few weeks ago. A+ for that amazing center leap though. It's a shame that none of the choreographers threw that in for him sooner. I give him so much credit for dealing with an umbrella, a hat, and ll that rain.
  • Shake a Tail Feather from the Blues Brothers - I agree with Tina and Ashley in that there was some effort showing (and as Peter Gallagher famously said in Center Stage, "I need to see the movement, not the effort behind it"). They still looked like they were having fun, but there were definitely some moments
  • Run the World by Beyonce - I give Lucy-Jo an A for effort, but some of this looked sloppy. There were moves that she didn't finish. Once again, the producers did her a favor by giving a lot of long shots so we couldn't see everything she was doing. She definitely had moments where she was totally into it and giving huge attitude, which I loved.
  • Love Yourself by Justin Bieber - this was a good example of how simple looking choreography can be difficult to execute. Their performance was amateurish. There were too many unfinished movements, and there were too many moments when I felt like they learned the choreography but the emotion was only in their faces and not in their bodies.

Final scores (male solo+repeat dance+female solo+duet)
Jonny & Chrissy: 30.0+30.0+30.0+30.0=120.0
Lucy-Jo & Rohan: 29.5+29.0+29.5+29.0=117.0

Honestly, if anyone  but Jonny and Chrissy had won, it would have been a travesty. Over the weeks they showed themselves to be the best dancers, so congratulations to them! I hope there's a second season of the show!


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