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'Famous in Love': TV Review

"Thorne, beloved by 'the kids,' plays Paige Townsen, a young college student whose most distinctive trait is repeatedly telling people her last name is spelled without a 'd.' At the urging of her friend Cassie (Geogie Flores), who harbors a deep, dark secret that is hilariously lacking in deepness and darkness, Paige goes out for an audition for Locked, an adaptation of a popular YA literary series that is simultaneously wildly popular, critically revered and, based on what we see of it, entirely ridiculous. The consensus at the studio is that the cattle call is just a formality and a star (Niki Koss' Alexis) will get the part. But when star Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins) sees Paige, he's instantly agog and her audition leads everybody, including Rainer's producer mom Nina (Perrey Reeves), to agree that she is the only person who can play the lead.

The pilot is structured around a 'one year later' framing device telling us that Paige will soon become hounded by the paparazzi and that fame will become, at least a little, a nightmare. That framing device doesn't return in the four other episodes I had the patience to watch. Instead of returning to the presaged nightmare of notoriety, Famous in Love generates its drama through crises like whether or not Paige will be able to act and also finish her econ midterm essay, since her professor dad thinks that education is important and following her dreams is not. I call that the Reverse Yentl."


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