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S02.E01: Freaks 2017.01.19

"Noodles doesn't do needles".   Lol

This show is show bizarre I don't know wether to laugh or cry.

I didn't even realize the new season started until I noticed my DVR recording it.


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Yeah, "Noodles doesn't do needles," is a great line. I also loved when he said, paraphrasing, "Clowns aren't needed as much since the world has become so clownish." Very apt today.

When he's running to catch the train, splashing coffee everything, dropping bags, having one stuck to his shoe, I was cracking up. But that was topped in the montage where he's trying to open his can of spaghetti. It was like Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther movie trying to get into a moat-surrounded castle. Loved it.

Good start to the season.


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