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Paige Matheson: Come Swim in Shark-Infested Waters

I thought the scheming long-lost daughter turned executive/do-gooder deserved a topic of her own.

I remember Nicollette telling Entertainment Weekly (I think...or TV Guide?) that in her first season on the show, she felt Paige was being pulled in many different directions, and she didn't really know who the character was. She said she wrote down a whole back story to try to make sense of Paige's life before KL. The interviewer asked, "Then what do you do if the writers have you say or do something that conflicts with your back story?" and she laughed and said, "You rewrite it!" I never could tell whether she meant you rewrite your self-created back story or you rewrite the new thing the show's writers gave you.

But she had a process; that's the point here.

I did think Paige's material massively improved from her second season (1987-88) onward, once she was written out of that corner where she had killed someone and Abby and Olivia each thought the other had done it. I truly thought at that time that she was too damaged to keep around. But by the time she got involved with Sumner and was on that Mexican archaeological dig, she had become a favorite character of mine.  

I liked how they made her half Anne and half Mack. She could be snooty, status-conscious and duplicitous, but she also had a strong sense of right and wrong and could get on a high-horse if she had some crusade. She got the best/worst of both of her biological parents.   

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