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Mark's Marathon Diary: Don't Think About Season 3 Of Damages -- Just Let It Hit You

Logic? In a legal thriller? :-) With the strength of the principals' acting, this season was a big improvement over S2 for me. I would still rank D'Onofrio as quirkier than Noonan.


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I am doing a marathon as well...have seen them all before, but enjoying again...I'll tell you they drink more on this show than the actors did in Mad Men.  There should be a drinking game for this show. Drink every time Patty just stares at another character and doesn't answer, drink every time every time Patty just gives a knowing look without saying anything, drink every time anybody just stares into space.  Oh, and drink every time Patty fires an attorney.  Drink every time Patty shows up in a butch button down shirt. Snort.

Martin Short is knocking it out of the park, comics really make the best dramatic actors don't ya think? 


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