"Maybe there are no good guys.": Characters of the 100

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incidentally alie i mean “becca” is wearing her assistant’s lab coat and glasses for some reason. perhaps because alie knows what reads as “science lady”?

I think you may be on to something.  I noticed the lab coat and glasses when I watched, too, and meant to go back and see if we'd ever seen Becca wearing those.  I just finished a rewatch of S1 - S3 this weekend so the lab coat and glasses really jumped out to me as odd.  (Also, ALIE was able to upload herself to the mainframe . . . or whatever . . . in space right before they disabled her backpack power source, right?  We see her looking out of the window of the station, and then they never really did anything with that.)

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"The show's inconsistency in developing any kind of an arc for Octavia is becoming a huge problem in S4. Here's 45 minutes of Claire and Erin breaking down all the Octavia stuff in 409, our concerns about where her plot might be going, our giant question mark about what Ilian's role is supposed to be, and our enormous frustration that the show can't decide from episode to episode who she is."

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1. Brutally beats her brother, only stopping because she got tired (this is in the script).

2. Yells at her brother about lashing out and people getting hurt because of it the very next episode. 

3. Disables Pike purposely, which endangers the lives of everyone in the tower who is not an ALIE!Zombie. 

4. Murders Pike for revenge. 

5. Cuts off a kid’s head for….reasons, I guess?

6.  Tells her brother the only reason she didn’t kill him is because he’s family.

7. Allows a mob in to attack Ilian and then attempts to shoot him, only failing because “Dramatic trauma memory”.

8. Kills 2 people (who sure attacked her first, but she definitely went overboard with the head smashing.)


1. Kills her brother in a Conclave that she was forced to participate in as a child (and yes, in 4x10 they tried to make Luna out to be a bad guy because she killed her brother because she wanted to live, but….wanting to live isn’t a bad thing!!!). 

2. Runs away and tries her best to live peacefully on her ocean rig away from everyone else. 

3. Only fights to save Adria from being murdered by Derek. 

4. Seeks out the Arkadians to get help for Adria and her clan as they die from ARS. 

5. After her entire clan dies and they realize she is radiation resistant, allows the Arkadians to take numerous samples of her blood for testing (taking so much that Jackson has to tell Abby she needs a break).

6. Volunteers her bone marrow for reproduction of Nightblood. 

7. When she no longer wants to participate, is forcibly knocked unconscious and harvested.

8. Finally gets fed up with all of the hate/violence/pain and decides to fight back.

And for some reason, the writer’s really thought it would be a good idea to have Octavia Blake tell Luna kom Floukru that she didn’t deserve to live?!



Octavia vs Luna

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The 100 Season 5 will not premiere until 2018. However, an interesting sizzle reel was revealed at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. Additionally, the cast and crew spoke about what fans can expect. Will viewers actually see Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) kill all the “monsters?” Could Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) be the reasonable one this season?

Possible spoilers might be ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want clues on what could happen on the post-apocalyptic TV show.

In the sizzle reel, Madi is telling a story, the same tale that Clarke has recited over the years. The Sky Crew were the “bad children” and the Grounders were called “monsters.” Madi asked what would happen if the monsters came back. To this, Clarke replied that she would kill them all.

According to IGN, executive producer Jason Rothenberg compared Clarke’s parenting style to Sarah Connor from Terminator 2. Like Sarah had to prepare John Connor for what was coming, Clarke is getting Madi ready for battle. This explains why Clarke had weapons with her when the prison ship started to descend from the sky in the Season 4 finale.

With the prison ship arriving, Clarke views them as unwelcome strangers. Rothenberg hinted that Clarke would protect Madi and the Sky Crew. In fact, she will protect them “at all costs.” Could Clarke become a killer and deal harshly with the new arrivals?

As for Bellamy in The 100, Season 5 might have him be the reasonable one this time. He has a different idea in mind when it comes to the guests from the prison ship. He will try to reason with Clarke and explain to her the similarities between the prison ship passengers and themselves when they first arrived on Earth.


‘The 100’ Season 5 Spoilers: Will Clarke Kill All The ‘Monsters’? Bellamy To Be The Reasonable One?

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Since The 100 kicked off in 2014, Bellamy Blake has been many things – unpredictable, irrational, protective, heroic, exasperating, a rebel and a leader, to name a few. But it wasn’t until this year’s fourth season that all of Bellamy’s best and worst parts finally came together and his character learned to lead with both his heart and his head. When faced with a second apocalypse, Bellamy was forced to accept decisions he didn’t agree with. From understanding Jasper’s decision to die on his own terms to letting Octavia go when it came to her complete integration into Grounder society, in 2017 Bellamy proved to have more nuance than the black-and-white, us vs them mentality he’s had so far, and it was brilliant to see all of the elements of his personality click into place. It helps that actor Bob Morley can inject every possible moment of conflict playing out in Bellamy’s head in one facial expression too. – Megan Davies

11 Best TV Characters of 2017: Michael Burnham, Celeste Wright and More


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