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The Quotes Thread: The Family That Quotes Together

The latest episode made me realize that this show needs a quotes topic. So here are some quotes from yesterday's episode:

Realtor: "How is your relationship with your neighbors?"

Hank: "It's why I'm moving."

Realtor: "Buyers always check to see if there are sex offenders around."

Hank: "There's one."

Realtor: "Oh, really? How close?"

Hank: "Close."

Claire: "Stop watching my son."

Hank: "Somebody has to. I never hurt him. Ever. But if I wanted to I could have. He was over at my house every day and you had no idea. I could have done anything to him and you never would have known. It wasn't some random chance he was taken. It wasn't bad luck. He was taken because you weren't watching him. You weren't then and you're not now. I see him go out almost every night. He's gone for hours. You have no idea where he's going, what he's doing. You have no idea who he even is. Your head's so buried in the sand you need the friendly neighborhood pedophile to come over here and tell you that you should be a better mother and keep an eye on your son... I was trying to be nice."

FBI Agent to Jane's dog: "Hi little buddy, how would you like to be evidence?"

Willa to Claire: "Women will meet you at the bar. Or in your case, the mini mart."

Claire: "Where did I go wrong with you? Did I miss a recital? Did I not praise you enough? You were such a sweet trusting little girl and now..."

Willa: "And now what?"

Claire: "How are you this person?"

Willa: "Where would you be if I wasn't? If I'd left after Adam was taken? If I'd gone away to school or moved into my own place? What would you do if I had friends or God forbid a social life?"

Claire: "I want you to have those things. I would have been fine."

Willa: "You would have been crying in a dark room slitting your wrists. Maybe on a good day baking cookies for the PTA. You are going to be governor. You have everything. And everything you have including your sanity is because of me. Because I stayed. Because I held you up. Because I am this person... You're welcome."


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