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Tommy Moran/David Schwimmer: Ross Opens a Restaurant

After watching David Schwimmer's outstanding performance in the OJ Simpson series, I cannot wait to see him in this series.


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Yes — as I mentioned I the other thread, that performance has so transformed my perception of him as an actor — from dully one-dimensional to "who knows how the hell he might surprise us next, and how wonderful!" — that I'd argue the thread title itself is unfair and dated at this point. Let's allow Schwimmer at least a provisional parole from the prison of his Friends persona — I think he's finally earned it as his compadres also have from their characters' limitations over the years.

[Matt LeBlanc probably took the second-longest to shed his Friends skin, until Episodes comes along. He punches his way out of the suffocating Joey creature's skin with a magnificent and contradictory performance that elevates (degrades? both?) Joey's signature traits to ever more absurd "real life" extremes while honing a self-awareness almost Brechtian in its simple yet brutal self-parody.]

So if we must reference Ross, may I suggest something like "Milquetoast Manchild No More: Meet the Bronx Entrepreneur Who Mostly Gives No Fucks Except for His Young Motherless Son" — too long but you get what I'm going for I think. Just a bit more dignity and acknowledgment of his acting chops than the equivalent of "The One Where Ross Opens a Restaurant."

/I am not a crackpot

[although I maybe took a muscle relaxant and Vicodin for a migraine because my stingy insurance company allots only 4 1/2 doses per month of the non-opioid painkillers which REALLY WORK WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS to get my near-chronic migraine condition under control, and maybe that is making me a little more prolix and excessively passionate than strictly warranted sorry.]

I look forward to seeing how restaurant worker/cheffing/foodie cultures (all of them different in substantial ways) are incorporated with the gangster throughline. Not as interested in the poor motherless boy thread.

Edited by Margherita Erdman. Reason: Realized I was violating my own dictum never to tear down or criticiE without proposing a solution/alternative

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