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S01.E11: Send In The Clones 2016.01.07

Why is Katana Girl the only one who can take down all the Harrises for good?   That was her mission because?


They're really out to destroy Matt for good, aren't they?  What's the point of that exactly?


They clearly created extra characters like Padre, so they could use him for cannon fodder.  It's hard to let yourself care about characters when you know that's their ultimate fate.


It was nice to see Micah again, though he looks nothing like his kid version (even though it's the same person).


Of all the people to take down Melina and Zach Levi, it has to be Evil Mom?  Erica feels she can trust her?  Really?  Evil Mom blames and kills anything that moves... I'm surprised she didn't murder Erica right there.  (Don't we wish).


Why is Tommy trusting Erica?  He's beyond stupid.  But then again, so is every "hero" on this show.


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