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Season One: Hip Hop Apocalypse

Looking back on the show years later, Season 1 and Season 2 felt like different shows altogether.

In Season 1, Max's family was the 09er escapees only, and her main goal was staying under the radar after the Pulse.  The show's focus was on events in the world that allowed for corruption to flourish across all levels of society, and around the world.

Logan was more interesting and a well-rounded character and Lydecker was a great adversary for Max to go against.  Sometimes, I admit I forget about Season 1 because Season 2 is so different.

It would have been far more interesting to see the next season explore that post-Pulse world more before bringing Manticore back into play.


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S1 was great and the show should have continued with this formula and done the Manticore stuff further down he line. The world building was great. The effects on a once great nation now basically being nothing but a third world country. How society copes with it. How people live in this new world. How they make ends meet. It has great characters and it's actually damn progressive. But that's what a post-apocalyptic world would be like. Logan represents the idealist who wants the world to be what it was again and who tries to get it there via Eyes Only, despite the fact that even before this the world was a crappy place. Max is the realist as she knows first hand that the world is a cruel place and was that even before the puls. However they are both driven to do the right thing, help those in need. It's kind of sad how Kendra just disappears throughout the Season.

I love this Season and rewatch it a lot. I don't rewatch S2 even though I'm always stoked after the way S1 ended. But then I remember S2 and all the enthusiasm goes out the window.


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