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S28.E05: The Pact 2014.10.25

The Pact



It's about the 1969 murder of John McCabe. He was 15 yrs old.



He attended a, "Knights of Columbus" dance one night (with his parents' permission)  and  he never came home. His body was discovered the next day in an empty lot in a neighboring "gritty" city.



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I have dvr'd it and intend on watching it tonight.  I saw a little bit of it last night and it's just so damn SAD.


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I just wanted to give Evelyn McCabe a hug. I started tearing up when she showed that she still had John's money and would keep it for him until she sees him again. She got me crying again at the very end, when she was at the graves and asked her son to take good care of his dad until she got there, and then she would do it.


It's just amazing that it took almost 45 years for this family to get justice. Even after Mr. McCabe told the police that Ferreira had been blabbing at the cookout that Walter Shelley had killed John, it took three years for police to follow up and interview him. And at the end of it all, investigators had the names of the perpetrators in the notes from the very first day of the investigation.


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