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Casual In the Media

The show was renewed for a fourth and final season of 8 episodes, to air next year.

I'm glad it gets to have an ending at least.


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The trailer for the final season is out and reveals a time jump in the series. The whole season will be released at once this time, on July 31st.


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I don't know what to make of the trailer. I'm so happy this show is back - I've re-watched all the previous seasons (and some episodes/scenes more than once!). The promo struck me as a little sit-commy, where I could envision a laugh track. Alex and Ray are parents...zaniness ensues! Oh, that wacky therapist Val, who can't fix her own problems!

I was a little surprised that the new season is set two years after the ending of the third season, but I can see why they did that.


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