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Gustafson Parking Garage: Shoutouts from the Series to the Film

Thought I'd start a thread listing the shoutouts in the show towards the movie.


One big one and one small one to start:


The big one, of course, is Stavros finding Carl Showalter's buried money (complete with ice scraper!) from the end of the film.


A smaller one I noticed: A meeting set up at the "Gustafson Parking Garage." I guess even after Wade's death in the film, Scotty Lundegaard (who presumably inherited everything) and Stan Grossman decided to build Jerry's parking garage. After all, it was a pretty sweet deal.


Someone on another thread mentioned a bunch of duck artwork, which was Norm Gunderson's specialty.


Any others?

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Surprised there's been no replies. 

I'm watching the Season 1 finale now. 

1. They call police cars "prowlers".

2. DLR plate on the car Malvo "test drove". That bugged me a bit as I'm sure in the movie they meant a dealer's promotional plate. Not literally a plate that had DLR on it.

From previous episodes, and what I remember, Malvo says "Go Bears!" at the police station when he is interrogated.


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