S01.E02: Seeing Things

Quesada warns Hart and Cohle that they may be replaced by an occult-crimes task force; the pair follows a lead to a rural cathouse and an incinerated church; Hart finds respite away from home.

For me, this episode was a huge step forward. Not necessarily an increase in quality or anything, as that was all there from the start, but the characters really started clicking for me in this episode. Really interesting stuff going on in this show. 

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I definitely preferred this episode to the pilot - I only got around to watching it on Sunday afternoon because I wasn't as drawn in by the pilot as I'd been hoping, but now I'm very on-board.  I also like that while the characters are so interesting that I could do entirely without the case, I'm *also* very interested in that.  They've struck a balance there that I don't find much with usual cop-type shows.

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