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S28.E17: Gone 2015.02.07


A Texas man tells Dr. Phil he’s desperate to find his missing ex-girlfriend. 48 hours later, he tells police something different. Where’s the truth? Tracy Smith investigates.

Also, fuck Dr. Phil.  That is all.


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I literally had to ff all the Dr. Phil segments. Okay I watched the first segment for context but when he tried to pretend that he alone knew this guy was guilty when the family and cops knew from jump he killed her, I wanted to punch him so hard in the face. Seriously, this case lasted EIGHT DAYS from disappearance to confession/body recovery. It's probably the first time a "mystery" timeline came this close to being 48 Hours since they changed the nature of the show but kept the name.

Why he won't go away? He reminds me of SVU episodes when Benson and Stabler were such smug douchebags that I actively rooted for obviously guilty people to get off just to annoy them; but seriously even though he was clearly guilty a part of me wanted him not to be just so Phil, refuse to use the false title, would be proven wrong. Oprah could cure cancer and eridcate poverty but I would still hold a grudge for giving this man a national platform!

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Dr. Phil is such wad. Even, when he is helping us show us people are total nut jobs he is still an a hole! I curse the day Oprah found him and thrushes him upon us. That said, I've never watched his show once and even I know how annoying he is.


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