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Past Seasons Talk: Talking TV with the Writers et. al.

A place to discuss particular episodes, of the Writer's Room first season featuring Breaking Bad, Parks & Recreation, Dexter, New Girl, Game of Thrones, and American Horror Story.


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I really want to like this show.  I feel like a half hour isn't long enough, and I feel like the whole thing (especially in the second season) is covered in bullshit by the participants that are there, because the first season had more actual writers than producers.  But the questions are never very meaty or challenging, and so I feel like it ends up being a big "aren't we clever and special and our fans just LOVE everything we do!" instead of a real peek inside of how decisions to go a certain direction are made, etc.  I think this show would actually be better with shows that have ended, because then no one has to hedge on what is coming up in future storylines, etc.  I just think this show could be SO much better.


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