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Whose Your Least/Most Favorite Character?

Favorite character: Cruz..(yeah yeah I know the majority of the fans hated her but I tend to love characters like that because they have soften them up sometime) and I liked basically everyone else.


Least favorite: Faith (especially after she became detective which she shouldn't even had made in the first place and of course when she fought w/Cruz for no reason at all just because she didn't like her I half think she liked fighting w/Cruz)  & Sasha (post Rat Bastard) She didn't have to do that to Cruz. sometimes Bosco (for the way he treated Cruz I know she wasn't innocent either but that's no excuse for his attitude towards her)


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I love Bosco!  Hot-headed, brash but if I were in trouble, he would be the cop that I wanted to save me.  He wouldn't hesitate.  Next would be Sully -- smart and calm.  The opposite of Bosco -- the yin-yang of Third Watch


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