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Hello Ladies: The Movie

This Trudy had some nerve, cheating on Stuart, then expecting him to host her AND the very guy she cheated with! From a dramatic/plot standpoint, I get it. But wow.


And I'm not sure that Stuart and Jessica should have ended up together. They were great as buddies, but her initial reluctance may have been the right instinct. I guess they wanted a tidy bow for the series.


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I just read about the movie yesterday, so I'm pleased that there's a thread. I can only right now that my mind is having problems with Christine Woods being on The Walking Dead last night and watching Jessica now. 


I really missed Jessica and Stuart's back and forth. For me, timing is everything in comedy and if you've got great timing, I'll watch you sit in a pool for an hour riffing. The whole "name three" thing is hilarious. I still remember the "my aunt, annnnd, the woman she lives with." 


I get that growing up Stuart was awkward and it was a problem to meet girls, but I kind of don't buy it now. Geeky and nerdy has kind of been cool for a while. 


I typically don't think it's a good idea for people to get together, but they've been playing "together" since the start of the series really. Stuart always had the women he dated not work out because he was always trying to use a playbook of a sort. 


He even said he's 'relaxed' around her. Some people need to develop that first. I'm not a proponent of the "guy friend hangs around long enough until girl friend realizes she should be with him" at all because that never happens, but the show has been pretty clear to me that they always have liked and cared about each other. So I don't have a problem with it. 


I also don't think of "love at first sight fireworks" and all that either, so could buy them. What I liked was when Stuart was actually honest, he was likable. 


Plus they are so hilarious about everything. The whole "turkish condom" "leave bra on" sequence was really lol for me. 


Great casting for Alan. I loved him on Californication. He does slimy well. 

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