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At the library today I saw Kandi's picture on the cover of Essence magazine so I looked at the article inside. She looks fabulous, was styled super pretty for her hair, makeup and clothes. The article was ho-hum, rehash of her life, nothing new. Afterwards while in the car on the way home I kept thinking about the pictures. Then it clicked that Kandi and Luann (RHNY) have the same style of posing/facial looks for pictures in magazines, hahaha. I thought about looking up the photo shoot and seeing if there was video of Kandi doing that little "spontaneous hop" thing that Luann does in photo shoots because that is the look of Kandi's pictures. Anyway, she looked fantastic(!!) and I wish she would always use a great stylist for herself instead of trying to do it on her own (because she isn't really great at doing it, hahaha. Styling her clothes or even getting the home designs correct always fall just this side of Huh?).

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2 hours ago, cooksdelight said:

Dumping Phaedra was a step in the right direction. Bringing Wig and Nene back was a step in the wrong direction. Along with keeping Porsha, I feel like we're back to season 9 and I hated season 9. Phaedra accomplished a Teresa like feat. She completely turned me off a housewives franchise.

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