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S01.E08: The Cat's Out of the Bag 2014.11.20

Episode Description:


Rebecca's ex-husband is in town and he lets her know about the death of a friend.



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That was just awful.  Again.  This show will be lucky to stay on the air for the remainder of it's filmed episodes at this pace.


Rebecca was the drummer in a band called 'Bitch Kitten' with her Australian husband -- a band that she quit 10 years ago.  Now said ex-husband fakes the death of their cat (the 'friend' in the episode description) to get Rebecca into their old house for a cat memorial as a ruse in order to get her to play drums for a band audition.  A band that hasn't updated their set list in 10 years just so Rebecca could jump right back in.  Could the writers of this show possibly jam in a few more stupid plot ideas into this show ?


Tedward's romance of the girlfriend of a recently convicted felon didn't really do anything for me either -- though Judge Hernandez's crack about Tedward's beard was kind of funny.


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