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Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

9 minutes ago, Silver Raven said:

As much as they try to pretend otherwise with Maggie, neither of them is a real Horton, so they don't count.

Well, Sarah is/was (since he's dead) Mickey's legal daughter, and he raised her, so... (Even if this show suddenly has Sarah being fine with being Neil Curtis' kid, which she most certainly wasn't waaaaaaaaaaaay back when.)


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21 hours ago, Kitty Redstone said:

Whatever goodwill I had for Ben (which was next to none) was lost today when he used his strangling past to scare Ciara's patsy.  I mean, sure, it was pretty shitty what that guy did but Ben insists he's changed.  He should have confronted him in another way. 

Yet, I saw someone on Twitter say they thought that scene was hot.  So...yeah.  That just tells me everything I need to know.

2 hours ago, WendyCR72 said:

I may be the only one in this thread (and, as Stuart Smalley would say, "And that's okay!") who is here for:


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Julie slapping the shit out of Gabi soon. She deserves all of it.

Oh, no, I’m here for that, too.  I’ve never liked or cared for Gabi.  I don’t care about her running around and getting revenge for whatever.  She’s always been kind of useless to me.  It’s going to be nice to see her get hers even if it will be for a short amount of time.


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