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All Episodes Talk: What Life?

I just watched "Lost Vegas" and I found it very sad, especially that woman who was living outside with a whole bunch of kittens.  I sometimes wonder about this country; is it okay to let people fall that far?  Sure, everybody has the right to do whatever in America, but sometimes people need to be saved from themselves.  

Sometimes I think we Americans hate each other, we hate other Americans.  I remember a man I know, a physician say something like, "people can do whatever they want here, but why should I have to pay for it?"  I answered, "because that's the price of living in a civilized society, or maybe you'd rather live in the jungle?


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On 15/11/2017 at 0:55 PM, SunnyBeBe said:

While the wife said all the right things, it seemed to me that there was resentment or even anger inside her.  She tried to keep a lid on it, but, it shined through, imo.  And while I like Lisa LIng, it seemed to me that she was too much of a cheerleader for this kind of lifestyle.  Couldn't she see how that wife was NOT really on board with it. 

That first wife sure had a lot of good things to say about polygamy. When she was going on about how people aren't set up for monogamy, I really wanted Lisa to ask her if she was allowed to date other men or if she could have another husband. I was practicality yelling at the tv, since it seemed like the most obvious question.


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