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S01.E19: Animal 2014.09.20

Sorry I'm late making a thread for this episode. I started watching yesterday and only caught up with it today, so BtB isn't really a priority. Then again, I'm sure watching Gordon and Dent engage in measuring contests isn't a priority for most people. Also, I kinda zoned out when Dent let Batman keep his mask on after the latter agreed to surrender to the police.


Yes . . . Batman legitimately went to Blackgate on his own free will. He did this to spring The Key, a criminal who hacked some sort of MacGuffin that makes him a bigger deal than he should be. Waiting in Blackgate and wanting Key: Killer Croc, who's a down-home mutant critter, and he's impressed Tobias Whale. There's a fight, and Batman beats up Croc so bad, he should've turned into six handbags and eight pairs of boots. Katana manages to get in (thanks to Barbara Gordon's l33t hacking skillz) and snaps Bats out of it . . . and she manages to bring back Alfred in the end, probably because Batman has been making dumber and more risky decisions without him.


And we have seven more episodes to go. I'm a sucker, so I'll stick it out to the end, or at least until CN/Toonami/[as] preempts it with installments of Off The Air.


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Katana should have figured out that Bats was up to something when he announced that he was gonna go to bed and get an entire four hours of sleep.


This conversation cracked me up:

Katana: "Hey, this Bat-Belt thingy is handy. I should get one.

Barbara: "Can I have one too?"


I notice that Katana didn't say "no" to her.


That "Genuine Maori warrior" wasn't using genuine Maori weapons, which are all wood and stone and shark teeth.


Yes . . . Batman legitimately went to Blackgate on his own free will. He did this to spring The Key...

I got the impression he went in to threaten The Key rather than spring him. Sort of a "cooperate or else" kind of thing.


ETA: I was slightly disappointed, after seeing the title of the episode, that Batman didn't end up fighting a red-haired drumstick-wielding Muppet.

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