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Hate Watching: I Just Can't Stop

Count me in among those who are hate watching this mess. I only put up with TP's shitty writing to see the shirtless men - which TP was smart enough to deliver in spades in the very first episode! Although, I was too distracted by the cheating Black man's (don't know his name) bulging neck muscle to appreciate his nakedness.


How is TP's writing getting so bad that his storylines fall apart in the first episode? The cheating wife pulled out the pregnancy test stick as if she expected him to think that it's his - which means that her plan is to fool him into thinking the kid is his. It doesn't make sense for the cheating white woman to try and pull the okie-doke on her white husband and make him believe that she's carrying his child because clearly that child is going to come out brown. Plus, the storyline for this married couple is that they haven't had sex in a while because it's "tax season", so why would she think she could fool him into believing it's his child anyway? This is ridiculous.

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It took three tries to get through epi #3. I kept falling asleep during the 4 minute circular, repititive conversations. Good god, the way TP's characters say "what" & "what do you mean" four hundred times an hour, they must all be stone deaf.

Who the hell goes to help a friend move dressed like a hooker? Seriously, even for lunch with the ladies, Esperanza dresses like a ho. I feel like there are handcuffs & a crack pipe in her purse.

Randall, the Raping Shrink, is about one of the ugliest men I have ever seen. He has a head that is shaped about 5 steps down the evolutionary chart. His mouth is weird and screws his face into the most cartoonish expressions. Not sure how I am supposed to find him irrestible. Yech.

Psycho Cop just runs all over town acting Iike an idiot in front of supposedly educated people and they all just let it slide. Come on Aussie dude, Psycho Cop laughingly tells you about breaking every rule in the book, but you cowtow and have a sensitive conversation with your doctor in front of him.

Jesus Tap Dancin' Christ, I can't figure out if TP is This bad and this stupid or if he thinks his viewers are.


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I just started watching this out of boredom + can't really take most of this shit seriously.... I LOL @ majority of each episode especially when it comes to Randal + Eddie.... Randal kinda comes off looking like a creep.... The actor who plays Eddie could be a bad actor because he is just so OTT that I can't buy his character.... I LOL the most @ Eddie because he's so OTT....But, yet, I just going to keep watching this trainwreck....;-x


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