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All Episodes Talk: A Netflix (Sort of) Original Series

San Francisco's KQED will be airing Happy Valley S1 starting May 3. I'm assuming they'll show S2 at some point. Even though I've seen both seasons (thanks, Netflix!) I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Since it's on at 8:00, I hope PBS doesn't edit it for content (or time, like it does Call The Midwife).


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On 9/13/2014 at 6:03 PM, charming said:

I stumbled upon this on Netflix and was hooked from the first few minutes. It was totally enthralling and I watched every episode on a Saturday morning/afternoon. I felt like it fell apart a bit the last two episodes. I agree with every spoiled plot point above but it didn't stop my overall enjoyment.


I was very impressed with Sarah Lancashire as Catherine and George Costigan as Nevison Gallagher. The rich Dad could have easily been stereotypical and one dimensional but wasn't. When Catherine 

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found the dead body of the young female police officer

I was gutted. That entire sequence was so well done and haunting. Also loved the direction of the

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fumbling accountants wife. Wow, what a shrew schemer she turned out to be. It reminded me of Bridget Fonda's character in a great 90's movie called A Simple Plan.


One thing I was curious about was the revelation that her daughter had a

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consensual relationship with Tommy? So she wasn't raped? Why did she commit suicide? The brother said she was out of control and liked him? I didn't really understand that because liking someone doesn't mean you want to have sex with them.

Yes so much like A Simple Plan.  I really liked that look and movie.


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