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S01.E02: Envy 2014.08.14


A look at envy.

A look at men who want to be women via FemSkin, a man wishes to be an amputee, and women who have a thing for realistic baby dolls.


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Just found this, and amazed at how it's done and does go unexpected routes (i.e. nothing about wanting to look like a "celebrity", Berbie doll, etc.). This show is much more clever than I expected :)

My main take is about the women who miss having babies or babies who stay babies - in my case, I was eager for that one child of mine to grow, walk, talk, so that the stuff we could do together could be increasingly more fun.

But I know there are people, men and women, who are mostly focussed on the baby phase. My sister-in-law in one, she went crazy for my baby, then hers, but now her relationship with her kid is quite sad. Then again, she had pretty uninvolved parents, and as she's reproducing what she knows, she doesn't realize that's she's perpetuating a bad form, to say the least.

Otherwise, these full body woman masks - I never even knew they existed!!!! My gosh, between how scary they looked (maybe some "imperfections" added here and there, like a mole or laugh lines, could have helped), and how amazingly proud of how they looked with them on these men looked, I don't know what was the weirdest.

I do like that we see people who work in the field that caters to the sin-of-the-episode. It's not often that we see this other side.


ETA: what a doofus I am for checking the month but not the year 

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